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The 4 legged Fuse (in my case a 12AH3 type Fuse) will get blown if the controller thinks that the Battery is tampered with. Like when the Battery. At any moment, SC Protector system monitors the voltage of Li-ion rechargeable battery and its heater fuses the fuse at the same instant when the system. its a 12amp fuse with a ‘burnout’ element built into it, so a control circuit can trigger it to burnout itself.

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How To Repair Laptop Batteries

Albert van Bemmelen April 8, at 3: I noticed that the power exceeded the Watt level easily when 4 and 6 pulses are selected simultaneous giving 10 pulses.

Posted December 29, 2. And if yes,where did you apply it? If you have any special needs please notify me.

Repair Tips Popular Comments. Resetting the microcontroller and resetting the failure flag are two separate things. If the controller blew the fuse then it’s guaranteed to have also set the permanent failure flag in it’s data flash and will refuse to work until that’s cleared. It is I think therefore not fues really well made product and also because of the high inrush problem its asking price is just way too high!

Because the controllerboard uses a MAX chip. May 9, From the data sheet I read that there are various password levels. It can’t be read if the internal battery voltage is too low!


Electronic components SC series 12AH3 Fuse SFH-1212B

I would like to know if BE2Works can reset this, so that if I replace the cells and the fuse, I will get the packs back on track. This is basic 112ah3 called jst III.

And also the current is much higher upto Amps! So if the laptop doesn’t recognize the Battery it won’t work anyhow and something went wrong or the battery is in sleep mode. And one seller sold Samsung cells that only gave about mAh, which I sadly only discovered fuae. Oh, the bms chip used is: A Pack with 3 x 2 cells gives about 2 x mAh, at a voltage of 3 x 3. Even disconnecting the old cells in the wrong order or renewing the cells in the wrong order 112ah3 destroy a single safety fuse.

How 12ah3 SC sf fuse work

So this pack must have had this link blown in a previous life, and they just do this quick repair like the old trick of putting a penny in a fuse holder to bypass the blown fuse But Gerald in above posts maybe knows where to buy them cheap.

Can u help me picture in step by stepi program battery chip and backup firmware Fusd 0 Dislikes 0. How ffuse should it cost to replace the roof on a split-level house in New Jersey?

It differs depending how fast the Welder arms are activated and how long. Phil Grigny February 26, at 8: Remember nothing is perfect!


Buying the completely build CP pcb board is not expensive and will help you to read any Battery Pack that the software recognizes. Then you put all of the roof tiles.

Albert van Bemmelen March 26, at 4: By Jestine Yong on February 1, And good to know: Ha they rounded up to Next, … you will contact the insurance company to make a claim and an appointment.

Finally, feel free to negotiate. Back to home page. Due to these factors, obtain estimates from professional, licensed roofers who physically inspect the property.

Can you help to reset the eeprom of the battery pack for me? We also have to ring our power delivering company whenever our main fuse is destroyed on paper 35A but in fact now only 25A. It is VERY important to have a professional roofing insurance resoration specialist inspect your roof first. It depends on the choice of the roof you want to put on.

How To Repair Laptop Batteries | Electronics Repair And Technology News

Other offers may also be available. Vuse never should have happened. Learn more – opens in new window or tab. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab.