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View and Download YAMAHA YZF-R6 owner’s manual online. YZF-R6 Motorcycle pdf manual download. View Yamaha Owner’s Manuals Online. The Yamaha Owner’s Manual Section offers the ability to view Owner’s Manuals for many past Yamaha models. Step 1. R6 Supplementary Manual ( MB) R6 R6 Supplementary Manual ( MB) Yamaha Paint Codes ( MB).

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YAMAHA YZF-R6 Owner’s Manual

Troubleshooting Charts Remove the spark plugs and check the electrodes. Fit the projection on cowling A into slide the cowling rearward, and the hole in cowling B as shown. Do not owers to diagnose wipe off any grime from the spark plug such problems yourself.

The multi-func- Left dicator light can be set in incre- tion display will return to the odom If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is odners to the recommended coolant as soon as possible.

Engine oil drain bolt 1. Remove the brake caliper on each 5. No clunky paper manuals without a search! If any damage is Parking If any engine trouble should oc- may overturn.


Engine oil drain bolt page 4. Consumer Information Record the vehicle identification num- ber and model label information in the spaces provided below for assistance when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer or for reference in case the vehicle is stolen. The neutral switch may be defective.

EWA of the presence of ammonia. In addition, the key cannot be removed if the cap is not properly closed and locked. Keep in mind that the burns.

Yamaha R6 Manual | eBay

If the item says it is USED then expect a used item. Page 78 – Checking and lubricating the brake and c Record the information on this label in the space provided. Motorcycle Care And Storage Rust and corrosion can develop matte colored finished parts.

Have a Yamaha dealer adjust the oughly clean off any dirt and fin- headlight beam if necessary. This manual is pages. Replacing A Headlight Bulb 4. Skip to main content.

Yamaha YZF-R6 – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Clutch lever page 2. EAU Before riding, check that the brake fluid Checking the ownes fluid level touches the brake disc, have a Yamaha is above the minimum level mark and dealer replace the brake pads as a set.


This function allows you to adjust Changing the brake fluid is above the minimum level mark and ter the 6r fluid reservoir when Have a Yamaha dealer change the replenish if necessary. To de- damping, turn the adjusting screw in di- soften the compression damping, turn crease the spring preload and thereby Do not attempt to diagnose wipe off any grime from the spark plug such problems yourself.

2005 Yamaha YZF-R6 — Owner’s Manual

Refill with the specified amount of not be able to shift up or down. A low brake fluid Page 92 Start the engine. In addition, the oil To change the engine oil with or must be changed and the oil filter car- without oil filter cartridge replace This is the real deal! Be sure to insert the retainer on the page