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Acura MDX – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 8 Nov, by Ianryan. Model: Acura MDX. File size: MB. Acura MDX Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating controls of the vehicle, recommends. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Acura MDX automobile. Acura MDX Owners Manuals ยท Acura MDX Owners Manuals.

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Designed for a high level of durability and low maintenance, the MDX transmission has a 0208 aluminum case that carries both high-torque clutches and high-strength gears.

The inertia of the mass of air rushing down each intake passage helps draw in avura charge than each cylinder would normally ingest. At lower rpm these valves are closed to reduce the volume of the plenum and effectively increase the length of inlet passages for maximum resonance effect and to amplify pressure waves within each half of the intake manifold at lower rpm ranges.

The throttle profile of the new MDX provides low speed control, followed by progressively building response at higher msnual for improved linearity. A rigid forged crankshaft, die-cast accessory mounts, and a stiff cast-aluminum-alloy oil pan also help reduce noise and vibration.

Acura MDX Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Intake valves in the engine are 36mm in diameter an increase of 1mm over the previous engine designyet weigh percent less due to a reduction in material in the valve head. The aluminum sleeves also allow a closer piston-to-cylinder clearance for quieter operating noise.

This reduces disturbance to the chassis and ensures abundant power is maual available without a downshift. The update process may take approximately two mds and will be performed free of charge through November 1, Operation of the intake valves changes to optimize both volumetric efficiency and combustion wcura the fuel-air mixture.

Retrieved from ” https: A torque transfer unit is bolted acur to the front-mounted transaxle. In the rare situation where the fuel cutoff alone is unable to prevent engine over revving as could happen on a steep downhill the transmission will upshift itself to prevent engine damage. The MDX powerplant is exceptionally smooth thanks to its degree V-angle and compact, rigid and lightweight die-cast aluminum-alloy block assembly.


The D3 position selects only 208 first three gears for increased engine braking or reduced shifting during city driving. Structural rigidity was improved for the model year. Like all Acuras, the MDX comes with a high level of standard equipment, including a power moonroof, leather interior, and high intensity discharge Xenon low beam headlights. As the benefits of the resonance effect lessen with rising engine speed, the butterfly valves open at rpm to interconnect the two halves of the plenum, increasing its overall volume.

The MDX was introduced as a model, replacing the slow-selling U. In Japan, it filled a gap when the Honda Horizon also based on the Trooper was discontinued in Archived copy as title Commons category link is on Wikidata. To ensure that the amount of torque transmitted remains optimized as miles accumulate a coil manjal a msnual loop that the ECU uses to adjust current to the electromagnetic clutches to compensate for clutch wear.

“acura mdx manual” in Classifieds in Ontario

This AWD system is one of the most advanced in its class, featuring an active rear differential often found on high performance cars. With the valve in each silencer closed, the exhaust sound level is muted for quiet cruising. Structure rigidity is improved and weight reduced through increased use of high-strength steel. The Sequential SportShift 5-speed transmission can be operated in conventional fully mxnual mode via a console-mounted shifter.

The MDX uses a forged steel crankshaft for high strength with minimum weight. This elevated compression ratio is possible due to an oil jet system that acufa cooling oil on the underside of the piston crowns acyra keep temperatures in check. Additionally, the system offers a lock mode which can be activated and operated at low speeds and provides permanent 4wd and the equivalent of a locked rear differential; designed for climbing steep hills and getting out of stuck situations.

Of that horsepower gain, 20 horsepower came from an increase in displacement and a new The transmission ECU cuts off fuel flow to the engine if there is a possibility of over revving.


Acura MDX – Powertrain

Retrieved February 7, An oil-temperature sensor allows the ECU to estimate the clutch plate coefficient of friction which changes with heat in each clutch pack and then adjusts the current maunal to the electromagnetic coil that controls the compensation of each clutch.

Coverage manul terms of your vehicle’s warranties, including general provisions, new vehicle limited warranty, emissions, tires and accessories warranties, replacement parts and more. A division of Honda. The MDX rides ,anual reducing its center of gravity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On curving roads, Shift Hold Control significantly improves throttle responsiveness and reduces unnecessary shifting. Archived from the original on The amount of available rear axle torque transmitted to each rear wheel can vary continuously, ranging between zero and percent, depending on the conditions.

According to Honda, the MDX is the mqnual three-row luxury crossover of all time, with cumulative U. This may lead to loss of traction of the inside rear wheel as load is transferred to the outside wheel due to load transfer during cornering.

An array of features are active when the transmission is in manual mode to help protect the engine and drivetrain from inadvertent damage. Like the first generation model, the new generation is manufactured exclusively by Honda of Canada Manufacturing Ltd.

2008 Acura MDX – Owner’s Manual (489 pages)

A significant weight savings and manial in parts count is realized by eliminating traditional exhaust manifolds. Downstream of the underfloor catalyst, the system splits flow into a pair of underfloor chambers the previous MDX used a single chamber to give the exhaust note a more refined sound. Magnesium cylinder head covers save a total of 2. Vehicle sold only in Canada.