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Polaris Sportsman HO Manual Online: Declaration Of Conformity. Polaris Polaris industries all-terrain vehicle owner’s manual ( pages). View and Download Polaris Sportsman EFI Touring owner’s manual online. Polaris Industries All Terrain Vehicle Owner’s Manual. Sportsman EFI. This Official Polaris Sportsman EFI Factory Owners Manual is the original factory owners manual that came with your Polaris ATV when it was new.

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They do not allow enough ventilation to prevent condensation, and may promote corrosion and oxidation. Always tie the frame of the ATV to the transporting unit securely with suitable straps or rope. Squeeze the brake lever toward the handlebar to apply the front and rear brakes. Wheel Ownefs Front Wheel Hub Tightening Front wheel bearing tightness and spindle nut retention are critical com- ponent operations. Periodic Maintenance Chart E Emission-related service Failure to conduct this maintenance will not void the emissions warranty but may affect emissions.

To enter the diagnostics mode: To remove the seat, pull the latch loop at the rear pokaris the seat. Remove the fabric type pre- filter from the main filter. Do not use the override switch unless additional power is required for vehicle movement.

Follow proper procedures as outlined in the owner’s manual. As an off-road enthusiast, you represent the sport and can set a good example or a poor example for others to follow.

Ensure proper operation Ensure operation Ensure proper operation Inspect, clean Drain deposits whenever visible Check operation, apply Polaris dielec- tric grease when lamp is replaced Check operation, apply Polaris dielec- tric grease when lamp is replaced Wear approved helmet, goggles, and Refer to the specifications section beginning on page for the recom- mended spark plug type and gap for your vehicle.


If Polaris fuel system additive is not used, the fuel tank, fuel lines, and injectors should be completely drained of gasoline. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If the engine idle speed is not satisfactory, please see your Polaris dealer for adjustment.

Polishing the Vehicle Polaris recommends the use of common household aerosol furniture polish for polishing the finish on your Polaris vehicle. Toggle to the service interval screen. Never exceed the stated load capacity for this vehicle. Use the following procedure to make the adjustment. Always follow these precautions when hauling cargo: Start the engine and allow it to warm up.

If it’s unavoidable, follow these precautions: Stabilize the Fuel 1. There will be few combustion deposits. Poor lighting while driving can result in severe injury or death.

Page of Go.

Look ahead and learn to read the terrain you’re traveling on. Lights Lower Headlamp Replacement 1. An ignition key can be duplicated only by ordering a Polaris key blank using your key number and mating it with one of your existing keys.

Whenever riding maanual Polaris vehicle, always wear a helmet that meets or exceeds established safety standards. What a step backwards. Replace the coolant any time the cooling system has been drained for maintenance or repair.

Since this is a rear brake only, it will not be 20088 effective as the all-wheel NOTE: Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it rapidly absorbs moisture from the air. This means that the outside wheel must travel a greater distance than the inside wheel when turning, and the inside tire must slip traction slightly.

Water in the bottom of the crankcase can lead to engine damage and must be drained.


Index of /service-manuals/polaris

See your Polaris dealer. No single action on your part is as important as following the proce- dures for a proper break-in.

Wheel Installation Always ensure that all nuts are torqued to specification. Follow the battery charging instructions on page before installing the battery. Shows minor signs of wear from use. Lift the pod slightly while depressing the tabs at the rear of the pod.

Polaris Sportsman 500 Manuals

Repeat the measurement procedure on the other side of the vehicle. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, normal wear and tear, abuse or improper handling. If the operator’s foot is not firmly planted on the footrest, it could also contact the 500 wheels.

Do not operate at wide open throttle. Loss of control can result in severe injury or death. Remove the upper headlight pod. Battery Battery Installation Using a new battery that has not been fully charged can damage the bat- tery and result in owmers shorter life. SAFETY Safety Warnings Protective Apparel Riding in this vehicle without wearing an polwris helmet and protective eyewear increases the risk of a serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Get it here FREE if you don’t have, it also included o Dry out the PVT. Federal law requires that this spark arrestor be installed and functional when the vehicle is operated on public lands. To gain additional wheel speed while backing, release sporhsman throttle and depress the override button. Remove the upper headlight pod.