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Complete Arcane makes use of the information in the three. D&D core rulebooks —Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s. Guide, and Monster Manual. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Arcane Mage of the Arcane Order, yes. Master Transmogrifist, yes. (Complete Arcane variant, p. 5) or using a shield incurs a chance of arcane spell failure (all invocations, including eldritch blast, have a somatic component).

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Complete Arcane

He can increase the arfane of events in his favor. Choose one 2nd-level spell from a school of magic you have access to. An energy substituted spell uses a spell slot of the spell’s normal level. For example, two wizards and two sorcerers standing in a circle all have Cooperative Spell. Mindbenders seek to control the thoughts and dreams of others.

Once each generation, the comet Alhazarde—the legendary Green Star—visits the night skies, a portent of great and terrible events. You develop the natural weapons of your draconic ancestors. You have studied the ways and weaknesses of spellcasters and can time your attacks and defenses against them expertly.

I will certainly miss a few things.

Complete Arcane Feats

Eventually they transcend their mortal forms and become elemental beings. Graduates of special arcane war colleges, those known as warmages are drilled only and utterly in the casting of spells most useful for laying down destruction, confusing an enemy, or screening an allied action.


Because the somatic components required for warlock invocations are relatively simple, a warlock can use any of his invocations while wearing light armor without incurring the normal compoete spell failure chance.

Both have useful stuff I considered playing. The delay copmlete cannot be changed once set; the spell activates just before your turn on the round you designate.

For instance, a fireball deals the extra damage to all creatures in the area it affects. Once per day, you can apply the effect of the Empower Spell feat to any spell you cast without increasing the level of the spell or specially preparing it ahead of time. Complete Arcane By Richard Baker. In addition, the spell concludes with a mighty thunderclap that stuns all creatures that take damage from the spell for 1 round unless they succeed on a Fortitude save, then knocks stunned creatures prone unless they succeed on a Reflex save both saves at the same DC as the base spell.

You possess a magical understanding of the essence of language. An eldritch blast is the equivalent of a 1st-level spell. Through careful study of the Elemental Planes and their interactions with the Negative Energy Plane, you have learned to wield the uttercold. Your master has shown you the basics of a spell beyond the normal limits of your experience and training. Comments on this single page only.

Views Page Discussion Edit History. At 1st level, a Green Star adept’s process of transformation has already begun. I guess you can just use whatever criteria you want, but I’ve always related them, since they’re kinda similar.


Fascinated by the animating force of life itself, the effigy master is an expert in the imitation of true life. Whenever you cast an arcane spell, all opponents within 10 feet of you who have fewer Hit Dice than you become shaken for a number of rounds equal to the level of the spell you cast.

He has immunity to inhaled poisons, drowning, suffocation, and sleep effects although he still must rest 8 hours in order to regain spells. You can activate a wand without using a charge.

A 10th-level Green Star adept repairs 1 point of damage per hour of rest, as long he has at least 1 hit point. Essentially, his spell list is the same as his spells known list. A persistent spell uses up a spell slot six levels arczne than the spell’s actual level.

Classes in Complete Arcane – D&D Tools

Complrte warlock also gains new invocations known at these prestige class levels as though he had gained a level in the warlock class. Now on to PrCs. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk.

At 4th level, a Green Star adept gains darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision. You can cast a spell to greater effect without special preparation.

You can use a spell-like ability as if it were a higher spell-level equivalent than it actually is.