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Sunday, October 4, Aimcat Analysis: The test consisted of 72 questions, with 24 questions in each of three sections QA,VA and DI. Should one join both CL mocks and TIME AIMCATs or is the latter enough? 3, Views ยท With just 34 days to cat, is it sufficient to practice only through CL Mock. Posts about aimcat written by catindiaonline. CAT India Online: Free CAT Prep Plan. Posted by: catindiaonline on June 26,

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Unlike what most people think, an MBA is not always just in finance. Second, I want to balance my work life with family life. Though this paper was aimcatt even close to the standard of actual CAT papers, it was pretty good for the lessons it provided. How long does aimvat take for the result and analyses to show up after i am done taking a test? The paper was pretty easier in comparison to previous Aimcats and CAT 08, so the cut-off score is bound to be on the higher side.

I also like public speaking. What books, periodicals and websites would you recommend to MBA aimcst We checked again and again that the name was right. I don’t have any study secrets. This is because I realised from my experience in BITS Pilani that we can learn a lot about practical skills for life while interacting with students and faculty of premier institutes. Anyone with an explanation for this question?

Do you think being an engineering student helped you perform better in the exam? Download the mobile app. The skills required are similar, but it’s not a aimcst relationship.

Anyone aware by what time will the TIME website be up? My suggestion to all CAT aspirants would be: What are you currently preparing for?

They changed the UI. Aimdat was the easiest section of the paper individual perceptions may vary with as 15 out of 24 questions 4 out of 6 sets were based on interpreting simple figures. There were quite a few questions which could have been solved by proper observation and option rejection, with-out knowing about the concepts involved.


World of Knowledge: CAT

I suggest you read at least one general newspaper and one business newspaper on a daily basis. Is this Rajkummar’s look in Made in China?

But to score very high marks in the section wasn’t easy considering a few tricky and speed-breaking questions scattered here and there in the paper. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. Last few questions in QA and the last two sets in DI were among the easiest questions of the paper, while a lot of aimcaat would have wasted quite a lot of time in doing the more time-taking time taking isn’t same as being difficult questions and hence lost a chance to maximize their aaimcat score.

A lot of people, mostly engineers depend too much on RC for scoring in VA section, the paper was a kind of wake up call for them including me: I searched for videos online and completely changed my way of calculation, including basic things like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

VA was comparatively the most difficult section of this Aimcat, a lot of inferential questions in the RCs with quite a few arguable answers as provided in the answer booklet made life difficult for people who depend a lot on RCs. They aimct to think that CAT is beyond their reach. I loved these subjects and realised I wanted to know more about zimcat and similar topics.

Reader Bikash Kumar Jain sends us a picture Posted by Ranjeet Pratap Singh at 1: I have a doubt in question no. But good mathematical and logical skills helped me to become an engineer and these same skills helped me in CAT too. Then we huddled like a sports team and started jumping for joy! She is the first woman student since to score per cent.

As CAT is close, TIME would refrain from doing too much experimentation or giving a paper of high difficulty, but as this paper is a pencil paper test so number of questions might increase a bit. Newer Post Older Post Home. India’s newsmakers of What do the markets expect from ?


Their approach to questions was quite similar to what comes to me intuitively, so I felt that the workshops really helped me.

Quite a few answers are debatable, this should be used as an excuse.

How difficult was it to prepare for multiple exams? I have learnt the importance of people in shaping my life — my aimccat, my friends, my teachers. If 11 factors are less than square root, then there must be 11 more factors more than it’s square root. In addition to classroom learning, I find these interactions with the cream of the country’s youth intellectually stimulating. This was another reason to do an MBA. Tough Luck- the elusive luc Load more comments 2 of 3.

I strongly urge all my friends and future CAT aspirants not to make that mistake.

The 100 percentile girl!

I have created a channel to share some of my learnings with you I have just uploaded a video on DI and wanted all to see and share it. Have a doubt on the LR question regarding apps.

If you want to prepare by yourself, you can take the support of any group of people, even friends or parents, who can give direction to your preparation and ensure that you don’t lose your focus.

CAT 15 – A lot of guys would have done better if they had idea about the difficulty level of the paper. Total time available for the paper 20009 minutes, with no sectional time limits. I am scoring a total of courtesy to 14 wrong questions in such a simple paper.