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Bibliographie seiner Schriften und KorrespondenzenAkademie, Berlinp. De Benoist has recently called for a radical schism between rooted traditional, regional or national European values, on the one hand, and the homogenizing ethos of Westernization promoted by the liberal capitalist USA, on the other hand. Una trayectoria vital e intelectual entre los dioses y los titanescoll. It is only at the price of such a radical restructuring that anomie and contemporary nihilism will be exorcised.

Rejecting both technophobia and technophilia, the ND calls for a questioning of the idea that each societal problem needs more technological solutions.

This inversion strategy of turning multicultural, anti – racism into a comumismo of racism was borrowed from the ND. Modern, anti – modern, and post – modern currents of thought are fused in order to supersede modernity, its egalitarian ethos, and its linear, progressive vision of time.

Apollo and Dionysius were both sons of Zeus in ancient Greek mythol- ogy. Universal human rights are a sham based on the ethnocentric worldview of the West. The message is more than ever appealing because it promises a reborn European empire able to once again be a dominant geopolitical player in the international arena.

In conclusion, the discourse of the ND in respect of modernity poses chal- lenges for the liberal – left related to the struggle over different notions of com- munity and the ability of extreme right – wing discourses to mutate in the post – war era. Der durch den Irak-Krieg sichtbar gewordene Bruch in den transatlantischeen Beziehungen wirt fortdauern.


Jan rated it it was amazing May 21, In this new political framework, the collective rights of his- toric European ethnic groups trump individual rights and the rights of immi- grants. Alain de Benoist, Minima Moraliacoll.

Comunismo e nazismo. 25 riflessioni sul totalitarismo nel XX secolo (1917-1989)

Le Monde, 13 July Edin rated it it was amazing Mar 02, The economic realm would be subordinated to political and military realms. Working from a Gramscian per- spective, which seeks to win hearts and minds in a long – term struggle within civil society, de Benoist reasons that one day ND ideas will be the ruling ideas of Europe.

Church, regions, aristocracy, and monarchy. Nqzismo About Communisme Et Naz But the ND has not abandoned racism, even if it says it has.

Deutschlands Einigung und Europas Zukunftcoll. In position 11, the authors call for the end of massive cities and a return to eco – friendly cities of a human scale, as well as the expansion of rural areas. Alessandro Campi et Ambrogio Santambrogio ed.

Alain de Benoist, Ripensare la guerra. The right was the carrier of anti – modern values and associated with the naismo players that rejected the republican values of the French Revolution: De Benoist ultimately desires a pan – European empire cleansed of immigrants, which paradoxically in first instance recognizes cultural differ- ences in the public sphere. Arturo comunisko it really liked it Mar 19, In short, the modern world will be superseded by recalling the European past in a post – modern spirit.

Daniel Cologne, Nouvelle Droite et subversioncoll. Support for pan – European unity, but rejection of the contemporary capitalist EU. I teleutaia autokratoriaEleutheri Skepsis, Athinai93 p. This raises questions of definitional issues over what constitutes fascism, whether it was epochal, and whether fascism is about core ideological goals and tactical and organizational framework. It is unclear how the pan – European centralist thrust of the manifesto would not over- whelm the desire to respect political decisions at the lowest levels possible.


Nightocelot rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Pagan festivals connote European revival and renewal — the sense of a new historical beginning for Europe.

Bibliographie d’Alain de Benoist

He had ultra – nationalist, pro – French Algeria tendencies at the beginning of his career in the s. Maria Mazzoli, Razzismo e antirazzismo differenzialista. Rather, it denotes a sys- tem whereby the people are sovereign. In the modern world with a capitalist market favoring the strongest bureaucra- cies and states, which call for total bwnoist, the search for life meaning is den- igrated and individualism rises.

Totalitarismus: Komunismus a nacionální socialismus – jiná moderna – by Alain de Benoist

Miguel Coomunismo, Los postulados de la Nueva Derechacoll. The political parties and people have heard the ND message and its leading prophet. Play rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Religionskritik von rechtscoll. The Italian LN, a federalist, anti – immigrant party, is one concrete model of a political outfit that mimics ND ideas. Fascismo, destra e dintorniIdeazione, Romapp.

Filosofie en pratijkEXA, Antwerpen Alain de Benoist, Gialta. What is also striking about the ND manifesto is the disproportionate concern with the preservation of rooted ethnic communities, as well as the desire to cre- ate direct democracies based on ethnic criteria of membership.