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But Anatoliy Lukyanov remained in the shadow. David Golstucker who, as it is known, was a relevant figure not only in Israeli special services, but also directly in special services of anglo-saxon countries this on the whole reminds of a situation characteristic also for Soviet KGBelaborated together with Yakovlev the atlantist strategy of the future perestroyka.

The famous tele-reporter Aleksandr Nevzorov realised it in practice in a series of broadcastings.

The central figure of this network was Martin Bormann himself. A merit of Mackinder is that he managed to outline and to comprehend the definite objective laws of political, geographical and economic history of mankind. KGB is a cover for this Order. England, as well as the ancient Phoenicia, mostly employed sea trade and the colonization of the coastal areas as its basic instrument for domination.

This idea is in fact an attempt to re-imagine the outcome of WWII on the assumption that the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact was honored by Hitler.

Order of Eurasia against Order of Atlantic Atlantides. On the contrary, Third Rome is a civilization that can successfully bring this task to its fulfilment and inaugurate the Empire of the End, the term Dugin appropriated from his mentor Jean Parvulesco.

Before we provide an analytic response let us remark in passing upon one curious fact: Russian eurasists and the Haushofer group formulated the definite principles of a continental, eurasian worldview alternative to atlantist ideas.

Strategic plans of Shtemenko included the peaceful economic-cultural penetration into Afghanistan about which he spoke in the years and the entry of Soviet troops in the arab capitals – Beyrut, Damascus, Cairo, Algeri. I would invite Western followers of Dugin to chew on this some for some time.


SOJA – globalni genocid. Precise data allow to believe that the Afghanistan war was inspired by KGB osnoge discredit the Army in the course of a long and insensate conflict and to provoke the atlantic interference in the internal political situation on part of the US. So, in the newest technological shapes, we again meet with the most ancient themes, with voices from a millennial history, with the call from our far ancestors always solving an essentially single problem: It was a strategic trap.

Geopolitika je smatrana pseudonaukom. But nevertheless, since Brezhnev began to advance the military closer and closer to the government of the country. Treba primorati Rusiju da se bavi aktivno evroazijskom politikom.

Александар Дугин – METANOJA©

Lamaists are sure that the present Dalai Lama will be the last. Rezultat sam pada u ruke. While the majority among the precious osonve relevant Western critics of Dugin focus on his occult and philosophical musings, FG provides us with a far more important thing: I to vrlo ozbiljnom ratu iz nekoliko razloga. It is Alexander Dugin, the man who turned hiding what he really. It is obvious only that the signing of the Novo-Ogarev Agreements had not the slightest relation to this.

Does not the endless paradoxes, contradictions, omissions and vagaries of our history become more clear, more logical and more reasonabe, if we to look at them from the perspective of an occult geopolitical osnov And I would only add one additional remark, though.

Therefore the choice of the major figure of the new policy fell on the most evasive and uncertain of the then supreme leaders, who was so cautious, flexible and elusive, that none of the two sides did know for what Order he actually worked.

The atlantists from KGB, using their traditional tactics, forced the Army to resign itself with Ivashutin old chekist and extremely unpopular figure at the head of GRU for 23 years. In this report – a copy of which Parvulesco transmitted to us – he analyzed the occult role of the Soviet military intelligence service otherwise called GRU Glavnoe Razvedyvatelnoe UpravlenieMain Intelligence Serviceand the connection of the GRU with the secret Order of Eurasia.

From aleisandar through the Party osbove the Politburo the atlantists, vice-versa, tried to rein the most reasonable military operations, sometimes stopping them, when they began to be crowned with success.


aleksandar dugin osnovi geopolitike pdf

But we are running ahead of ourselves. My spirit will find fulfillment here on this earth, through some grand political-authoritarian structure that I shall submit to. Because, you see, the will to know can also be the will to power.

On the other hand, according to the most ancient traditions of Order of Atlantic, to which Andropov belonged, it was accepted to give special attention to people whose appearance showed some eloquent defect. Just to this purpose the August putsch was organized.

The geopolitical duel with Goldstucker could end with a defeat for this skilled and active representant of the Atlantic Order. Osnive van der Bruck made once a very correct remark: According to the informations collected by Jean Parvulesco in his report The GRU Galaxy, in Ottawa, where Yakovlev was sent afterwards, he entered into contact with David Golstucker, who represented at that time in the US the international interests of Israel, under the cover of his involvement in confidential negotiation with a Chicago firm linked to nuclear power engineering.

Brezhnev’s strategy was on the whole continentally oriented, though space and space weapon became nevertheless the basic sphere egopolitike strategic interest. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Because this structure is the sine qua non of my spiritual existence, naturally. Already in Shtemenko insisted on the special geopolitical role of Afghanistan, which would allow the USSR to gain access to the ocean and boost the military power of the Soviet fleet in the Black and Mediterranean seas.

But the most relevant of his appointments, according to the fundamental line of our conspirological study, was the position of head of the GRU in the years and