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Buy Touch Typing in 1 Lesson: The Almena Method: Read 3 Kindle Store Reviews – Learn the keyboard in just 20 minutes! The Almena Method(r) is an innovative method that teaches writing, speed building and computer typing in One Easy. Typing software; Almena Method; JavaScript PowerPac for ToolBook; online typing courses.

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See us on FaceBook! At first the company refused to give me a refund.

Learn the almena method free – Google Docs

The program is not limited to learning the jingles. And the company refused to give me a refund. We used it with a class of 4th graders and had reasonable outcomes. Please go to http: Almena has got into the psychology of skill development metho how to motivate people no matter what age.

The Almena Method Typing Program

Hi Marie, my name is Dave I have been working with Almena for more then 10 years. This will really help you get off amena a good start. Do you want to know what really helps students type faster?

On-line KeyboardingSoftware. I am available to work with you regarding the Almena Method. Almean 17, at With the Almena Method these Job Skill Centers were able to train students to achieve expert typist levels more then 65 words per minute.


The Almena Method

The Almena Method builds self-esteem, encourages reading comprehension through proper grammar and spelling. November 3, at 4: May 19, at 2: The Almena Method is for everyone! I just ordered the Almena Typing and it was suppose to install on my PC.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Almena King developed a series of mnemonic jingles to assist in remembering the key locations. The method to first learn the keyboard is only part of the Almena Method.

About Keyboarding Research Dr. Wlmena is a proven and successful application. You can now watch what you type not where you fingers have to go. August 16, at 8: Please give it a try you nothing to lose and a life time with an expert Typing skill to gain!

The program will enhance productivity and with the motivational aspect, trainees will certainly leave feeling empowered. Hi Katrina, The Almena Method is a full typing course. I have provided many schools and job training schools over the years the Almena Method and it is my experience qlmena teachers that really care about the students success seek out the best programs for their students.


April 2, at 3: It is estimated that 10, hours of practice are needed to become proficient at playing an instrument, writing, sports,etc.

August 28, at 6: The metnod has inspired our students and we hope to move from success to success. Just ask a touch typist!

November 6, at 9: December 21, at 6: Hi I need to know if I should buy the Almena for children or not I will be alnena my own children do they make it a lot more attractive the course for children and will I need to buy the further courses anyway s they get better and better? We will see what we can do.

I would like to know more about almena method. March 16, at July 16, at 7: Mark, Thank you for your comment on declarative vs procedural knowledge. Congrats on your success with the Almena Method.