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Only $,buy Mini inch Ambarella A2S60 P H Dash Camera 8GB Full HD Car DVR Degree Wide Angle Lens Video Recorder. Buy low price, high quality camera ambarella a2s60 with worldwide shipping on USD Free Shipping, Wholesale Price, Mini Ambarella A2S60 MP P Car DVR Inch LCD Dash Cam with GPS Logger Built-in 8GB.

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Mini 0801 Ambarella A2S60 2.0MP 1080P Car DVR 1.5 Inch LCD Dash Cam with GPS Logger Built-in 8GB

A small number of owners have indicated that focus is either too close or the picture is not the sharpest. For instance, they are not natively usable in the popular dash cam software Registrator Viewer. There appear to be 4 different models for sale as well:. Forget about red, it broke when taking z2s60 picture.

You can read all about his project here. Class 4 or Class 6cards appear to resolve this problem.

A number of early owners have complained about poor audio, particularly distortion at loud volumes. It is best to avoid Class 10 cards with this camera as per the manual.

Mini 0801 Ambarella A2s60 1080p Car DVR With GPS Logger 8gb Internal Memory

Unfortunately the ongoing firmware issues make this a difficult camera to recommend. One owner has indicated that the camera will literally freeze when temperatures reach C or colder. Our member Tobi s has created an Ambarella A2 Romkitchen that is available in this thread. AmazonAmazon UK.


The manufacturers had created a MOV version of this camera but the firmware had issues in performing loop recording and was ambatella stable. US vendors include fonestop Amazon and Spy Tec. Once the camera warms up, it works again. Make a shortcut with a pinpoint between pin 4 an 5 as on the picture.

Note that the firmware version is a date code and the following versions have been reported for sale. Some users have asked what the power draw is for this camera.

Replacing the microphone or using a small amount of foam padding can correct this issue. Recent owners have not raised this complaint as often but audio ambarela does not appear to be spectacular. Our member Tobi s zmbarella firmware available from his site as well. What differentiates this camera from others is its small size 75x47x3. But be careful, the cable has 2 layers of pins one above aambarella other.

The early versions of this camera had MB of internal memory or no internal memory. Skip to content Contents 1 Other Models 2 Known problems 2. If you are looking for a p discreet camera with a screen and GPS, this is a viable option. Externally, this camera has some resemblance with the Smallest HD p dash camera but the internal hardware is completely different.

One of our members OldGoat has determined the Amp draw to be as follows. This camera is quite similar to a GS in a smaller, more discreet package.

Class 10 cards use a different bus that may not be backwards compatible. Open the cable provided with the cam with a sharp tool on the mini usb plug.

Mini Ambarella A2S60 MP P Car DVR Inch LCD Dash Cam

Our member, nuxator, was able to unbrick his camera using the following approach. Overall the Mini is a good value for the money.


The primary vendors are:. This appears to be a quality control issue with the lens and could potentially be corrected by adjusting the lens. This may be corrected in future firmware releases. You can download the English manual here.

Note that most versions of this camera save the video files in TS format. Early versions of this camera with GPS had an issue that the time zone would reset.

Currently there is no MPH setting for this camera.

Mini | DashCamTalk

The Samsung Class 6 microSD card is one of the most stable cards for the Mini as per owner experience on our forum. Black cable with the one without solder. The most recent firmware versions, while more stable are still causing issues for some owners. Some Russian owners of the Procam CX4 have indicated that over time the camera will get loose in the dock. The only known solution was to use the camera without GPS to resolve.

This in turn causes the camera to vibrate and results in poor audio quality. As of Septemberthe MOV firmware is now for sale. This has been corrected in the firmware. You can find them ambarellq this thread on our forum.