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ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE. The quick and efficient preparation of architectural documentation in the environment of ArCADia-INTELLICAD or AutoCAD. INTERsoft-INTELLICAD is a breakthrough version of the CAD software for creating the multidisciplinary ArCADia BIM system also utilizes IntelliCAD solutions. The origins of the idea behind the ArCADia industry specific applications system date back to the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE and ArCADia-IntelliCAD

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Direct access to help for programmers from the help menu.


The R3D3-Rama 3D program is designed for construction engineers. Additional program functions can be extended by reading SDS overlays. The design is implemented using object-oriented insertion of elements, untellicad the possibility to use the database of pipelines and. The program can be used to design internal gas systems in buildings.

Direct access to the user manual from the help menu.

Support for relative paths for images and external links. Their manufacturers choose various assumptions and paths to create a program consistent with BIM.

This website uses cookies and scripts in order to analyze the aradia traffic and to improve your browsing experience. The software has a wide range of features for saving and loading DWG files, from the oldest 2.

If you click I agreethe information will not appear again. A complete drawing is fully portable and retains all the data about the elements of the building regardless of the scope of the licensed system modules. The program can be used to design a gas connection and external gas system on site that supplies a group of buildings. Precise printing by defining all print parameters. We alone also develop and share IT solutions, which are implemented into the common source code.


The possibility to intellixad print intellicaad in the paper space.

ArCADia BIM CAD software system supporting BIM technology.

Grid, orthogonal drawing functions, polar tracking. The option of photo-realistic visualization and rendering New drawing option with Multilines. It has powerful tools for precise drawing.

You can find more information on the Privacy Policy and cookie website. The software has aracdia wide range intellica features for saving and loading DWG files, intsllicad the oldest 2. Navigation in projects, their visualisation is possible owing to all modes of zoom, regeneration and panning of drawings, as well as dynamic rotation of 3D objects.

Exporting to STL files. This website uses cookies and scripts in order to analyze the website traffic and to improve your browsing experience. There is an option to work with textures, lighting and to create renderings in 3D documents. The idea of the system based on using objects rather than just lines in a drawing allowed us to extend it to the areas related to BIM-based design.

Working on layers, command line, full setting personalization commands, toolbars, shortcuts and aliases, the option to import lines, hatching and dimensioning styles are the basic features of the software.

Automatic measuring of distances, intellicda and the setting of coordinates. Dimensioning and text styles. As a result, in spite of the fact that the purpose of BIM technology was also to standardize the method of design, applications very often differ from one another with regards to interface and method of operation.

The ArCADia BIM system is constantly being developed, and although we have not yet solved all the design problems faced by architects and engineers, we can speak about the first, so complex, Polish BIM technology-based design system. As a result, we work with it in a similar fashion as with the most popular AutoCAD software.


ArCADia-INTELLICAD version bit PL | CAD design programs

The result of this work is our system’s constantly improving automation and cooperation intellicxd our subsequent programs. Modification of the top menu, toolbars, command status bar and shortcuts.

It is used for static calculations and dimensioning of planar and spatial bar systems. The program allows the preparation of professional documentation related to the design of low-voltage power networks and enables object-oriented creation of drawings of networks in spatial development plans.

By buying this solution, you are opening for yourselves the path to an easy transition into the world of BIM technology, when you deem it appropriate.

The extensive specialized functions of the ArCADia BIM system introduce the designer in the environment of many construction industries in an intuitive way. Reading and editing bitmap images e. Insertion and definition of libraries of symbols, blocks, simple and complex texts SHX and True Type fonts.


You can find more information on the Privacy Policy and cookie website. BIM Technology brings a number of benefits to designers. DWG format, which has been in existence for years.