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One of Giunta’s woodcut devices on the title, and another mark occupies the verso of the last leaf of text.

A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

These letters form a curious medley of accounts, opinions and descriptions, but which. This book was most popular with the successors of Columbus and was translated into several languages. The Islands round Africa.

The map may be taken as embodying the result of Spanish discovery inas reported to Medina by the pilots, with whom his official position as examiner brought him into constant intercourse.

Title within woodcut border, printed in Roman letters.

El libro de las Costumbres de todas las Gentes del Mundo, y de las Indias. His investigations led him to decide that the good parts of the map are of the fourteenth century, gathered on the spot, while the false parts arose from the misapprehensions of the younger Zeno, who put the book together.


Vignette of a mounted globe on title, and numerous illustrations, including various revolving diagrams of globes, etc.

British Museum Catalogue of fifteenth century books, Vol. Some, however, think it the work of Alessandro Zorzi of Venice, who probably did add some notes to a later edition.

Ca fon Doignamente en wforros ncipeo glo: Numerous astronomical and geometrical diagrams in the text and margins. The Espasa Enciclopedis comments upon the interest of this particular clause, ” both as regards the classification of the works that were found, and with reference to the earliest cartography of the New World.

La qual salio de la barra a quatro dias de Noviembre del aino de mil y quinientos y cincuenta y dos anos. Towards the Antarctic pole the people are giants an early reference to the Patagoniansand in the far west they are cannibals. The second half contains an Account of the four Voyages of Amerigo Vespucci.

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The dedication from the author to Charles V, printed on folio lii, however, places it on record beyond dispute that it is an abridged description of his history, as he states: Voyage of Vincent Pinzon to Brazil in Harrisse, in his ” The Discovery of North America,” at pagegives a very full description of it. With the series of I3 woodcut maps, the folding map of the World shewing America. An exceedingly scarce work with the famous world map by Peter Apian, which is usually missing.

The narrative of Nufez was entirely written after his return, for he could take no notes by the way. Emanuelis Regis Portugallie etc. This is contained in a letter addressed to his old patron Lorenzo di Piero Franoesco de Medici, written in March or April, Map of the World, resembling the “Orbis Typus. It was written by Cabeca de Vaca’s secretary, Pero Hernandez, whilst the former was in prison.


Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF

With printer’s device on title-page, and the original very large and important folding map. Unable, by any means in his power, to check this cruelty, in he returned to Spain to make a personal appeal to his sovereign.

ZurichFroschouer, I Astrologiq woodcuts of American interest and jranne natural history. Very charming contemporary French binding by Eve in dark olive morocco, the entire surface covered in delicate gilt tooling, in a design of scrolled and dotted fleurons joined by curved olive branches, open oval medallions on sides, trails of gilt olive leaves tooled on back, g.

Marco afterwards served at sea against the Genoese, and, being taken prisoner, remained many years in confinement, in which time he wrote the famous account of his travels. Above the map is a blank shield, and above this, touching the ceiling, floral festoons. I 05 This interesting manuscript, bearing the title of “The Map of the World found in the Roman Archives,” is divided into paragraphs, the headings of which are: Jeronimo de Chaves, mathematician, cosmographer, and poet, was born in Seville inand died in