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The recitation of Bashair Al Khairat is so powerful that its immense benefits can be noticed in this world, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will reap the benefits. Bashair al Khayrat. 1 like. Book. Bashair al Khayrat. Privacy ยท Terms. About. Bashair al Khayrat. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up. Bashair Al Khairat – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BASHAIR UL KHAIRAT.

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I highly suggest you all recite it at least, once a week.

That is the reward of those who are active in goodness. The second will inspire him to utter the profession of faith bashaig ash-Shahada]. So he will look at Him and see Him with his eye, before his spirit departs. Then he will be given that which no eye has ever seen, of which no ear has ever heard, and which has never occurred to the heart of a human being.

To whom do the heavens belong, O Muhammad? To whom does the earth belong, O Muhammad? Visitors Popular keywords for quraniwazifas. My master, Shaikh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, then went on to say: He will enter the Garden of Paradise in the company of the righteous forebears, and in the Garden he will be given forty domes of white silver. Seek help in patience and prayer, wa stainu bis-sabri wa s-salah:.


Bashair al-Khairat

Truly, Allah loves those who repent, inna llaha yuhibbu t-tawwabina. We believe it is an absolute responsibility upon us to share such gifts from Allah azzawajal that will benefit our beloved brothers and sisters.

It is better than someone who emancipates a thousand souls, and immolates a thousand sacrificial beasts, and donates a thousand dinars [gold coins] to charitable causes, and fasts for a thousand months. Be of good cheer, O servant of Allah! From the very beginning of human existence in this The second will inspire him to utter the profession of faith [kalimat ash-shahada]. Copyright holder grants to reader license to print single copy for personal use or study only.

When his final moment is at hand, four of the angels of mercy will be present bashairr him. I have rewarded them this day inni jazaitu-humu l-yawma.


Our Lord, You have not wa l-ard: Such are those whom Allah guides, ulaika lladhina hada-humu llahu. To whom does the Pedestal [Kursi] belong, O Muhammad? This invocation of blessing is given to no one but the perfect righteous man, for it is perfect in its qualities, endowed with gracious favor.

Praise be to Allah, who has graciously endowed us with faith. He will be dressed in two fine garments, and a well-bred steed will be guided to him for him to ride. And give good tidings to bashaig humble, wa bashshiri l-mukhbitin: Forty doorways of mercy will be opened for him, and the like thereof of light.


Bashair-al-Khairat – Jadeed Health And Fitness Tips

Popular Tags Blog Archives. Allah surely loves the beneficient. Those who restrain their wrath, wa l-kazimina l-ghaiza. According the traditional report [khabar], on the night when the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace was transported to his Lord Almighty and Glorious is Hethe Almighty One Glorious and Exalted is He said: The fourth will hold in his hand a vessel of gold, filled with the fruits of the Garden of Paradise, giving him the glad tidings of a dwelling in the Garden, and saying to him: He will enter the Garden of Paradise in the company of the righteous forebears, and in the Garden he will be given forty domes of white silver.

Feeling Eagerness for the Prayer.

To whom do the veils belong? It is the invocation of blessing of the glorious Quran, and I have called it: It contains a hidden secret, and it is bashar means by which provisions are easy to obtain, characters are refined, needs are satisfied, degrees are exalted, sins are erased, faults are pardoned, and the lowly are dignified.

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