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UK’s first large-scale, mixed use eco-village and sustainable community. Completed in , BedZED is an inspiration for low carbon neighbourhoods. ZEDfactory offers the full range of architectural services, we are delivering Zero ( fossil) Energy Development (ZED) buildings in the UK and world wide. That is BedZED. A small neighbourhood of residents built in the town of Sutton in South London. Solar homes on two hectares were built.

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A centralized heat and power plant CHP provides hot water, which is distributed around the site via a district heating system of super-insulated pipes. All wood was approved by the Forest Stewardship Council or comparable internationally recognised environmental organisations, ensuring that it was sustainably sourced. Special Awards – Sustainability. Post navigation Previous Story Bezed post: This helped reduce environmental impacts from transport and benefitted the local and regional economy.

Looks like a good addition for the Island of Sodor. Overall, some parts of BedZED worked, a lot didn’t, but we’re all a lot better off for it having been built.

We were told everything we wanted to know about the site on the tour, ranging from everything that works and has been done to higher specs than UK standards, ie insulation levels, through to all of the problems such as the CHP. It has been an inspiration for low-carbon, environmentally friendly housing developments around the world.

Environmentally friendly housing development. Choose your location preference: The council agreed to sell its plot of land to Peabody at a price slightly lower than the full market value, having sought assurances that the government would have no objection. One doesn’t learn to ride a bicycle without some bruises or skinned knees or both.


ZEDfactory and Bioregional have their offices here. Heating, power and electricity bills for its residents are much lower than ordinary housing. The BedZED Development design meets very high environmental standards, with a strong emphasis bedaed roof gardens, sunlight, solar energy, reduction of energy consumption, and waste water recycling. Using passive solar techniques, houses arranged in south facing terraces to maximize heat gain from the sun.

PJ Nery January 18, at 7: Sale prices for the bedzec BedZED homes that do go on the market are above the local average. A lot has been learnt here. And the other main exterior surface material, timber cladding, is green oak sourced from woodlands in neighbouring Croydon and Kent.

Using waves to produce energy may be soon a reality in Mauritius.

BedZED | Hidden London

Just imagine the typical English houses: Nick’s comments above were quite level headed, bfdzed some others read as just plain whiny. Nearly all of the steel in the building is reused, much of it coming from refurbishment work at Brighton Railway Station.

She is a writer who specialises in sustainable lifestyle and living, wellbeing, and entertainments. This also provides hot water for all of the buildings. Email required Address never made public. If you like sustainable architecture, the practice are at the forefront so it’s definitely worth having a look Reclaimed timber was used for the interior partitions and some flooring. ,ondon advantage of the biomass CHP system is that very similar amounts of biomass are burnt compared to a conventional heat only boiler, as the electricity is generated from flue gases that would be unlikely to have been harnessed to the same efficiency in a more conventional combustion process.


Students must bring student ID with them.

BEDZED: Beddington Zero Energy Development in London

By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Do you live outside the United States? This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat This seems like it would be very easy to do correctly. The city has managed to halve its carbon dioxide emissions.

Three cheers for ZED Factory. Stevie T January 30, at 1: Biomass CHP works very well on oondon use zero heating specification developments, as the thermal demand is for hot water only, and remains consistent all year, with oversize hot water storage tanks that can meet peak demands whilst still allowing trickle recharging throughout the day.

I know he’s contributing on a huge scale to making improvements to our carbon footprint and the sustainability of beded built environment. Energy Globe Award It has homes for subsidised rent 25 unitsfor subsidised and affordable home ownership 25 and for leasehold owner-occupation Notify me of new posts via email.

Even the land the eco-village stands on is recycled. The entire development has been designed to encourage alternatives to car use.