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नीतिशतकम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) – The Niti Shatakam of Bhartrahari. Pages from the Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation. Size. Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour. by Bhartrihari. Book Description. Rupa CONDITION: NEW — BINDING.

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Bhartrihari’s Nitishatakam with Padavicchedam- Sanskrit | sathvishayam

You may have enjoyed a meal of good food: Use thy hand as a drinking vessel; eat in peace the food thou hast gained by begging with pure mind ; take up thy seat in any place thou canst, looking on the whole world but as grass. Third Edition, Two Vols. This sloka gives the rule by which an ascetic should live. Should not those bad examiners be worthy of condemnation who through carelessness cause jewels to fall from their true value?

Dalsukh Malvania et al.

The man devoid of wisdom is but an animal. Eather follow after women who are compassionate, amiable, and intelligent: Analysis of the Bailing Dialect of the Kirunti Language. Their position is contrasted with that of the great heroes and sages of fable, who were supposed to have ruled the whole world, and with the position of the great sovereigns of modern times.

Hahn’s labours will be of interest, not at the Cape only, but in every University of Europe. The com- mentator says that King Vikrama gained possession of a certain fruit which conferred immortality on any one who ate it. The belly is a pot difficult to fill: The man who possesses intelligence, like the jasmin flower, has two courses open to him: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. It is also taken to mean ” time that destroys all things.


The moon obscured by the daylight, a woman no longer young, a pond destitute of water-lilies, a handsome man who talks nonsense, a prince entirely devoted to money, a good man always in calamity, an evil man dwelling in a king’s court these are seven thorns in my mind.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Based on your browsing history. Even so the misfortunes of good men are not often lasting. When a man is satisfied with food, he enters into subjection to the world ; even so a drum sends forth an agreeable sound when its surface is covered with flour.

Kola is a name of destiny or fate. The writer attempts to prove that the giving up of actual riches in possession may be a difficult matter, but the giving’ up of the desire for riches is, or ought not to be at all difficult. Looking on these examples, a noble man is ashamed to fail in his promises ; he faithfully keeps his word.

I am satisfied with the divine voice which sheds forth words over my mind sweeter than honey, richer than butter. Everything, both in bhaetrihari affairs as well as human, is represented as moving according to an irresistible law, the law of fate. The poetry constitute short verses, collected into three centuries of about a hundred poems each. The epithets which are used in a complimentary sense referring to a woman’s external form may also, together with the substantives which they qualify, be used in a bad sense nitisyatakam applied to mental characteristics.

For this sloka, cf. Our desire for pleasure fails; respect is no longer paid us by the world ; our equals in age have gone to Svarga; our friends whom we love even as ourselves will soon follow; we walk slowly, supported by a stick; our eyes are dim.

Nara- sinha, the man-lion; 5.

Why, most beneficent cloud! They are not held bound by riches, for they count wealth even as grass. What penance, it is asked, has the deer practised that he is able to pass his life in peace and contentment.


Thou dost not regard the face of the rich; thou dost not speak flattering words ; thou dost not listen to the utterances of pride ; thou dost not go here and there for the hope of profit ; but thou eatest in their season the fresh shoots of grass, and sleepest peacefully at the time of sleep. It is to the classical poetry of Old Japan that we must turn for indigenous Japanese thought, and in the volume before us we nitishatxkam a selection from that poetry rendered into graceful English verse.


Those who are full of curses may curse; we are righteous, and, because we are devoid of evil, we cannot pour forth abusive words. The Soul is Rasa.

Vocabulary of the Bhartrihrai of the Kirant Language. Trees loaded with fruit are bent down ; the clouds when charged with fresh rain hang down near the earth: Benares is chosen as a city of special holiness and the resort of mendicants.

Second Edition, post 8vo, pp.

Owners of the earth in their folly display delight in the acquirement of even the very smallest particle, while, on the contrary, they ought to manifest sorrow.

The leading Sanskrit scholar Ingalls aanskrit that “I byartrihari no reason why he should not have written poems as well as grammar and metaphysics”, like DharmakirtiShankaracharyaand many others. You have not borne up the world for a moment, and so relieved the weariness of Sesha.

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