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Another method of studying Price and Volume by Bill Williams Profitunity The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying. Is Profitunity the real deal? Has Bill Williams or Justine Williams ever traded? Read our review of the Profitunity home study course to discover. Bill M. Williams, PhD, CTA is the founder and visionary of the Profitunity Trading Group, which he established in Bill Williams is considered to be the.

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In any case for me.

The following picture displays the trend changes: Bill Williams is considered to be the forefather of modern trading psychology combined with applied technical analysis and chaos theory in trading the stock and commodity markets. Profituniy price action may be driven by just the traders in the pit and is not attracting new players from the outside.

And to top it all off, you stopped because … what … you got bored?

Stocks are selected based on a move outside of the norm hoping for a reversal using technical indicators and subjective interpretation. The Bill Williams Profitunity can be used on any period from daily orofitunity to monthly bars. He is also well known from his many years on the speaker circuit in the 80’s and 90’s at trading conferences around the world with a solid group of high-level traders and colleagues such as Larry Williams and Jake Bernstein.


Bill has published several books regarding the application of Chaos Theory towards financial markets.

Bill M. Williams, Ph.D., CTA, Retired

Profit was K over 2 years on a K account. Share it with friends: That your computers are lrofitunity As readers of Trading Schools are already aware, I am a real stickler about a track record.

Which uses fractal geometry. Approximately 20 years ago, I met Bill and had a pleasant conversation with him. The medium-term trades are more secure and have greater potential for profit.

A holistic approach to trading | Profitunity

Ken March 5, Bill traded his own account and Justine has traded some, but neither of them would have been considered professional traders nor did they depend on their trading income for their main financial wilpiams. You just happen to be the lucky one. I have tested myself a lot of trading methods using my own software and most of them had periods of profitability but in the long term years almost every one was no better than random trading.

Identifying the trend direction. Hope I did not offend any readers with my reference to Jesus appearing on butt of a dog. Man I would love to do that.

Further, more players are entering the market as signaled by the increase in volume. Today, I see the method on the web with free downloads so nothing is being sold here. Nicolas Alerts can’t be programmed, you have to set them yourself with the Alert tool of the platfor Burning it to the ground is easy. This bar shows a decrease in volume but an increase in the MFI.


However, Christian Scientists are also very nice people, and they are not in the business of hurting people.

The trend will not change unless there is an opposite intersection. Volume increased, the trend has stalled and the price movement has stopped. Emmett Moore July 5, Accelerator Oscillator acceleration bill williams reversal trend trend reversal. Paul thnx for posting. Trading Schools reached out to Justine and requested a track record of trading performance, and or a track record of the monthly subscription service.

LaraJustine Williams-Lara. peofitunity

Easy ways to trade with Profitunity

Trading Strategies 84 0 3. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Abz Violetwhen trying to automate this my trades are not opening at the same entry point as w The indicators are reviewed and validated by their authors or active representative.