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La blefaroplastia inferior es la cirugía que busca la mejora del párpado inferior, Illustrated representation of a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty. Many translated example sentences containing “blefaroplastia inferior” – English- Spanish de Párpados (Blefaroplastía) transconjuntival del párpado inferior. In the lower eyelids, we performed lower transconjunctival blepharoplasty Nas pálpebras inferiores, foi realizada blefaroplastia inferior transconjuntival.

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Lower eyelid skin excision or laser resurfacing or neither is another key decision. For more proximal obstructions with tearing a sequence of increasing interventions is possible. The use of a suitable sized hand mirror also helps a patient explain his or her coveted appearance.

Bolsas palpebrales, Eyelid bags | Dra. Estrella Fernández

The two fuse low in the upper eyelid, so the inexperienced surgeon is well transconjintival to open the septum high up where there is a good barrier of preaponeurotic fat underneath to protect the levator. It is important to distinguish between the two, as the cyst needs to be unroofed or excised. The exception can be the patient who has had a combined blepharoplasty and levator advancement ptosis repair and is obviously under corrected at about a week—their wound can blefaroplasfia readily opened and the slipped levator suture replaced fairly easily.

The key in management is to aid healing of the corneal epithelium as rapidly as possible to prevent infective keratitis. With an acute hemorrhage, intraorbital pressure rises abruptly, and the blood supply to the optic nerve is compromised.

She wished to have her lower lid bags removed and also the excess skin removed in both upper and lower lids. Injury to the inferior oblique or less commonly other extraocular muscles, is rare. The surgeon needs to stop the bleeding but at the same time avoid excess cautery or other trauma to the muscle. No skin was removed in his lower lids. Severe lower eyelid ectropion and retraction in a patient who underwent blepharoplasty elsewhere inferiog by several reparative attempts by the same surgeon.

Patients should plan to not drive for a week, due to the blurriness caused by the ointment use. This patient underwent lower eyelid surgery to improve her appearance and remove her prominent lower lid fat pockets. Figure 11 shows an example of hyperpigmentation post-laser resurfacing. Excess hollowing from aggressive fat removal can be treated by the same enhancement techniques as detailed for the upper eyelids and are subject to the same risks and limitations.


Lower lid blepharoplasty with fat repositioning and chemical peel was performed to improve lower eyelids bags. The hollowing along his infraorbital rim was improved with fat repositioning. A partial improvement may be achieved with a posterior lamellar graft and horizontal tightening alone.

Laser resurfacing itself carries a risk of hypopigmentation very rare in the eyelid skin and hyperpigmentation. In the setting of blepharoplasty surgery noninfected corneal abrasions are best treated with a bandage contact lens.

Systemic osmotic agents mannitol and steroids are an adjunct but will not take the place of prompt pressure release. All this was performed internally with no open skin incision using a transconjunctival approach. Bilateral upper and lower lid excess skin, lower lid trwnsconjuntival changes with excess fat pockets. Bilateral upper lid and brow ptosis, upper and lower lid dermatochalasia excess skin and fat prolapse. The eyelids were operated on separately due to the need to patch and put them on traction for a period of time after surgery.

imferior Postoperative view of patient in Figure 7 after lower lid elevation, scar release, posterior lamellar hard palate mucosal grafting, and skin graft on the left more severe side. Prolene is inert and ties cleanly, which is useful in closing a wound precisely. He also underwent an upper lid blepharoplasty and ptosis droopy eyelid repair. Another useful technique is to leave the traction suture in beyond one week.

Ophthalmic ointment and patching can be utilized but a bandage contact lens for 12 to 24 hours for rapid and comfortable corneal healing without unnatural pressure on suture lines is helpful.

This is the same patient as seen above who had left upper lid ptosis you can see the differences well in this view of the upper lid positions and excess lower lid skin and some prolapse of orbital fat. Injectable fillers would not help her issue since her fat pockets were prominent.

However, another approach to management to postoperative ptosis is to wait the 3 months and then perform a posterior Fasanella-Servat procedure.

Plastic Surgery International

Ice water compresses should be utilized continuously for 3 days except when eating or sleeping. Blefaroplasti can be stopped abruptly if administered less than 3 days, even at extremely high doses. A trial of a short course of transconjuntigal steroids can be applied; otherwise, treatment is excision of the pyogenic granuloma. She underwent upper and lower lid blepharoplasty. Abnormalities of lower eyelid position include lower lid transconjumtival with scleral show, rounding of the lower eyelid contour, rounding of the transconjunitval canthal angle, and ectropion.


The most common complication when performing the Asian blepharoplasty is asymmetry. This young woman underwent lower lid surgery to improve her appearance and remove her lower lid fat pockets. This small enhancement has made a big difference in her appearance. The risk of suture granuloma formation is decreased by using prolene sutures and removing them completely at the appropriate time.

Eyelid skin heals better than almost any other skin on the body; however, external eyelid wounds need to be placed symmetrically and closed meticulously to avoid asymmetry and scarring.

Blefaroplastia del Párpado Inferior

This patient was unhappy about the excess and bags around her blefaroplxstia area and desired cosmetic eyelid surgery. No skin was required to be removed. Elimination of topical allergy, and occasionally short-term topical steroid use are helpful. Endoscopic brow lift, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty with fat repositioning, lower lid chemical peel, fat grafting to midface.

Improved vision needs to be monitored by hospital staff or by the patient for stability for 1 to 3 days blefaroplatsia treatment is stopped. A free tarsoconjunctival graft can alternatively be used [ 20 — 23 ].

Complications of Blepharoplasty: Prevention and Management

Allergies and a list of medications should be noted. An upper and lower lid blepharoplasty was performed, where excess skin and fat pockets were carefully removed.

Other conditions such as ptosis, brow ptosis, entropion, ectropion, or eyelid retraction may also need to be corrected at the time a blepharoplasty is performed to ensure the best functional and aesthetic transconjuntical. Minimally invasive techniques were used to remove excess skin and fat.