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Throughout this boujou tutorial, we’ll take our first steps into the program. Software required: Boujou 5, Maya , NUKE 7. High quality After Effects Video Tutorials for motion graphics and visual It is true , Boujou is very expensive for any individual even many. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I’m having trouble importing Boujou 5 Tracking data into 3ds max For some.

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So in C4D you open the tracking data, put the scene in a background object for reference.

You dont need to have it chroma keyed for that part, only in the final composite. I there – I was just wondering if anyone knew what the generat technique for camera solving is?

There’s a good tutorial on Cinema 4D at lynda. I have tracked it and its worked fineā€¦ Ive also put in a few of my own very accurate target tracks; when I come to do the camera solve, however, I get about 8 different camera solves!? Dont worry about compositing it yet. Then add a plane with a sky material loaded in the luminance channel.

How to Get Boujou 5 For Free!(Cracked) *Voice Tutorial*

It has a unique way of solving which bouoju accelerates your results, solving more shots in less time. Merging the cameras in 3d is to be your worst case senario. The Graph Editor enables the user to manually tweak the camera data and, if necessary, resolve. If there is distortion on your footage then this will make the largest difference for you. Target Tracking now tutorlal specify a pattern on a single frame as well as tracking multiple patterns simultaneously.


It creates a polygon whose points are at the same coordinates of the tacking nulls. You need to select a few well tracked points likely the golded ones from the areas that drop in and out of frame and Join them. Could somebody please update one of the two scripts to a newer blender version?? This script animates the focal length of the camera, as well as it sets the render resolution to the resolution tjtorial your footage, and the sensor width of your camera to the calculated width from boujou.

When the next question about boujou comes up maybe you’ll be willing to help. If anyone else is having this problem here is the fix I used: If your subject moves in and out of frame, then its up to you to tell the software that the feature is the same one.

If you go down to lineyou can specify the file path to your boujou export file e. There is a tutorial out there to help you troubleshoot those shots. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum.

Dont know if I should create which bujou all or some of the following. I’m trying out Andrews Kramers Crater Tutorial using the footage in the tutorial boujpu and following the intructions to the letter, yet i’m having no luck.

If you have any webspace upload your image sequence as a. Also there are a few points that show up where i dont want to track, like the sky, i just deleted those thats correct right?

I assume that people who are making tutorials choose footage that they know will track well.


CGTalk | boujou camera solves

I like to start and do my own motion tracks, getting at least 7 tracks of green per frame. So, now you have an animated sky, and the scene. Is the camera moving really quickly? If there are moving objects in your scene you’ll need to draw a polygon mask around the moving objects so as not to track them.

I totally did all this stuff it works but my camera and floor plane is hosed! Hutorial footage is somewhat shakey with a person moving in the foreground, but I created a polymask and got a good track. French93 French93 I can ad me own target tracks, and have, but i need the solve, not tracks. It gets annoying real quick. Find out more about cookies.

Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

Brian Walker I did not write the script. Script for Blender 2. Do you have a lot of motion blur? After contemplating shooting myself in the face with a nailgun uttorial. Any chance to see the footage in question?

Something you might need to do in the end is combine two or three cameras into one. VICON uses cookies to make the site simpler. I made a couple boujou-to-C4D getting started vids.

I did not write the script. Atom Atom The Pattern Matching Tracker in boujou has been completely rewritten so it provides a faster workflow.

Before is best, in my experience. That would omit everything except the person, if you wanted to track that, which you dont.