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Valmiki, Vasistha and Yajnavalkya were propounders of Yoga system; the saints one and all were adepts in yoga. Yogavasistha is the greatest work of the. Project Gutenburg made electronic versions of the complete translation of Yoga Vasistha Maharamayana by V. L. Mitra available to the public. People who are interested in self-realization can also study the more comprehensive Brihat Yoga Vasistha book and the smaller one, Laghu Yoga Vasistha.

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I’ve vasidtha received the shawl and love it already!! Sankalpa, through its power of differentiation, generates this universe. Just as objects are created by the mind in dream, so also everything is created by the mind in the waking state also. The Yoga Vasistha is a syncretic work, containing elements of VedantaYogaSamkhyaSaiva SiddhantaJainism and Mahayana Buddhismthus making it, according to Chapple, “a Hindu text par excellenceincluding, as does Hinduism, a mosaic-style amalgam of diverse and sometimes opposing traditions”.

The Yoga Vasishtha

Vasistha known as the wisest of sages puts forth in the first part the great question of the vanity of the world which is shown synthetically to a great length form the state yooga all living existences the instinct inclinations and passions of men the nature of their aims and objects with some discussions about destiny necessity activity and the state of vasista soul and spirit.

Queen Cudala and Sikhidhvaja, Yogavasistha imfact is the compilation of discourses delivered by the great sage Vasistha to Ram at the time of his assuming the kingship of Ayodhay. The actions of the mind alone are truly yogaa actions Karmas.


It is a comprehensive, deep, systematic and literary philosophical work of ancient India. Sthiti Prakarana on yofa or existence ; 5.

Vasishtha, the great sage, taught the principles of Vedanta to his royal pupil, Sri Rama, the victor of Ravana and hero of the epic, Ramayana. You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived! Instead of intellectualizing spirituality, Shivabalayogi encouraged people to practice meditation. You are ever pure and free. Estimates range, states Chapple, from “as early as the sixth or seventh century, to as late as the fourteenth century”.

May you all become Jivanmuktas in this very birth! Naryanaswami Aiyer translated the well-known abridged version, Laghu-Yoga-Vasistha. A study of the book raises a man to the lofty heights of divine splendour and bliss.

Liberation is freedom from every kind of physical, psychological and psychic distress.

YOGA VASISTHA Of Valamiki: 4 Volumes

To one who has attained self-knowledge, this world does not appear as samsarabut as the one infinite and indivisible consciousness”. The story of Puny and Pavana. Their delivery is prompt, packaging very secure and the price reasonable. He is beyond description. Time and space are only mental creations.


All wealth lands you in dangers. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda. I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! The book consists of six Vasisthq or sections, namely: Translated by Venkatesananda, Swami. According to Yoga Vasishtha, this world of experience with various objects, time, space and laws, is a creation of the mind, that is, an idea or Kalpana.

Yoga Vasistha – Wikipedia

The mind subjectively is consciousness. There are three benefits derived from the study of books, from lectures of a preceptor, and from one’s own industry, all of which are attendant on our exertions and not destiny.

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The scriptures and the, spiritual preceptor cannot show us Brahman. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat It is a constant companion for a student on the path of Jnana Yoga. Moreover wherever the words like vayasa or khaga have been used by the author they only denote the bhudunda as a man styled and addressed as with attributive epithets khaga or vayasa due to similarity of his name to the bird crow.

Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes. The story of Bala. In this version the Laghu-Yoga-Vasistha has been condensed to 86 verses, arranged into seven chapters. He added that he was around when the events described in the book took place.

The story of Sukra. There is another work of the same nature called the Adhyatam Ramayana which is attributed to Vyasa grihat treat of the moral and theological subjects connected with the life and acts of the great hero of Indian history.

The Safavid -era mystic Mir Findiriski d. The original Sanskrit dates back to early medieval Indian history, and its subject matter arguably millennia before that.

Actually these are the examples of sheer folly on the part of translators. The unabridged text is currently being translated into Russian [63] and published by Swamini Vidyananda Saraswati, first five books are completed by