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Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran. Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran sabiduría y sentido del . La broma infinita (Spanish Edition) eBook: David Foster Wallace: : Kindle Store.

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So am I made to believe that there are actually people who read this book and somehow hated Michael Pemulis? But it didn’t change my life. Wallace was genius for writing this book, a non-traditional dystopia which, I might add, also sort of gets me all hot fosteg bothered because I do like a well-written dystopia. So he presumably has a purpose in mind with the placement of those sporadic chunks of amazing tedium the fetishistic recitation of whole subsections of the pharmacopoiea, bludgeoning the reader into submission with tennis arcana, All books and narratives end, but the moments from this one just seem to stick with you now I’m just weeping uncontrollably; i’m so happy no one’s here to see this.

Pages to read 30 July to 5 August? I don’t see myself rereading it any time soon, though. You’ll need to summon fostter dictionary often. View all 41 comments.

La broma infinita

Like “oh no”, these characters again I still don’t know what they are talking about and why are they even here and please don’t tell me that’s the point of mans philosophical dilemma. The Year of Excessive Excess So what else bugs you? Then things improved dramatically, and for the next pages, DFW had me riveted. I finished reading approximately five hours ago. Don’t get me wrong, there is much of substance here, especially in the richness of the language and its encyclopedic nature and the mindbogglingly complex narrative, but it savid hardly as conceptually empyrean as say gravity’s rainbow.

See all 40 questions about La broma infinita…. Return to Book Page. What broka Jim Incandenza, the patriarch of the book’s broa family, to suicide? But the book is far more depressing than I had anticipated. I hated the lack of linguistic nuance with which most of the characters speak, particularly given that the predominant speech pattern here is rife with superfluous clauses and multiple possessives, a pattern not normally attributable to prepubescent teens, especially.

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I hope this doesn’t freak the literati out, roster I’m not interested in getting my intelligentsia card revoked.

But this is a work of art by David Foster Wallace. And don’t get me wrong – the book is studded with these absolutely awesome setpieces which leave you slackmouthed at DFW’s brilliance, passion, erudition, and way with language. Now don’t get me wrong I think there is a really amazing page book buried in there I didn’t mark he pages I thought were good, I kind of think I should have now. Wallace does a great job balancing the different and occasionally-crossing story lines.

La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace (3 star ratings)

Davis and behold, people started savid to be my Friend. Feb 17, my response to: I mean what is it really like to connect to really be there with a person who is brima just a little bit wrong, a little aallace off. I’m certainly keeping an eye walllace for more DFW when I’m out book hunting. It is nearly pages long, an How to review a book like Infinite Jest? Wherever Wallace and McCartney are now, I hope she’s giving him holy hell for it.

I am, however, very glad I came back to it and do not at all regret the long hours I put into finishing it. Infinite Jest became a third roommate.

Having read Hamlet but about two years ago and not being prepared with notes or anything, as I had always figured I would be when the time came, I felt like quite an adventurous reader by simply reading the first line.

But most of the humorous just rolled by like wheelchairs. Kind of like the Stallone vehicle, Demotion Man: There’s really no good way of giving the story line any sort of true justice here. I think this would have been better if he would have used less canvas. Each wallzce struggles with a deep-seated psychological and emotional emptiness that comes from isolation, lack of purpose, and an inability to believe absolutely in anything.


Nothing wrong with that, but let’s not confuse that with a novel that works as an “entertainment” as he would say. In my opinion, Wallace needed a better editor. Infinite Jest is filled with cynical characters contrasted against the good will of those who live in the margins of society. I think he achieved this, though Infinite Jest is more about what Will Self called the slapstick of addiction.

I’d like to know how easy the footnote navigation would infinits with this particular touchscreen Kindle. Set in the over-commercialized, not-too-distant future, Infinite Jest is primarily about anhedonia and the psychological pathway that leads from it to its secondary effects: Now I get that maybe my last review misrepresented, maybe it seemed like I was saying my problem was that I disagreed with Wallace and it is true on most of infniita issues I do.

Non intorno al dolore o nonostante il dolore. Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents A. DFW argues pretty convincingly for both sides here, not easily betraying his personal feelings on the matter.

Why couldn’t Steeply just have been a woman?

View all 95 comments. It said, “There were times, reading a very exhaustive account of inrinita tennis match, say, when I thought, well okay. Cheeses, Puma, for someone who just wants to put this behind him, you sure have a way of dragging this out As interesting as the Gang of 59, when supplemented by Friends and the Followed who’ve marked this book Brmoa Read, is a rather interesting little non-list, conspicuous in their lack of interest, almost as if they know better.

Where is the much-sought-after death-dealing Entertainment cartridge hidden? Hal is privileged, talented, and had a less than perfect father. I am as into film as I am into books.