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– /Applications/CBT Nuggets Active Directory with R2 Updates/ 02 Introduction to Active Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with R2 updates Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory training course overview. .. A CBT Nuggets Learner is defined as a single user license and the single user license. I know a lot of the management side of AD, but nothing about set-up or initial Although I dont know if they have updated the videos for R2.

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Cbt nuggets 70-640 r2 download

Very interesting thread as I am glad I took the time to do some updatew research before ‘The walking to the plank commencement’ begins. I figured i had 40 of 70 certainly correct, and came away with an much to my great surprise.

Browsing All Articles 36 Articles. I am trying to study for the exam but where can i found the exam release 2 book. I cannot help you at all: The actual exam objectives have not changed that much so I suspect that people are concerned over the perception that the exam was massively overhauled not true and also that in some regions the length of the direcrory has increased while the Cert team validates those new questions true. After completing a class that focused on Windows Server Network Infrastructure configuration and Active Directory Configuration Some are having questions for R2 and some aren’t?

Plase use search in your browser for “r2” on: If you add a new area: Friday, August 20, Saturday, January 1, 9: Update the list of objectives so candidates can have a fair go at the exam. Did you sign up for accounts with each of these providers, did your employer provide you with them or did you use another method I am not aware of?


Then why are candidates encountering questions about topics not listed in the objectives?

The school where I work has an extensive hands-on program centered around Windows 3 months, actually ; it seems we’re going to have to scramble in order to ensure that the new requirements are met, and hope that the new R2-related questions on the exam are indeed not graded.

And that is simply a shame, because you put it in a way that Phil who started this thread and was very active in it was just “book learning for an exam” or stating, that Microsoft is “unfair”. Beyond that, I believe that TestOut includes exam questions in their software. What really comes down to, if you understand the subject matter, then wiht change isn’t a problem.

– /Applications/CBT Nuggets Active Directory with R2 Updates/

Nhggets issue is about adding questions that test candidates on topics which are not covered by any current exam resources, including the MOC and Microsoft Press books. Try these search strings: How much effort was it to change the exams? Saturday, December 11, 1: First one to throw me was directaccess specifically a Windows 7 R2 thing!

And regarding Windows Server R2 – Microsoft even gave us a free eBook so people could read about the new technology.

So back to my point: All Microsoft Learning training products report into me so I’m not quoting the official Microsoft company line, I am part of it: I have been taking Microsoft exams for 10 years with no issues. Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure 17 percent. I got lot of powershell questions and stuff of R The tests itself are done by prometric and not by microsoft.


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Just my 2 cent. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Understanding the way it works can help developers get the most out of it. Amazon indicates the Sybex book should be updated sometime in April Basically, many corporations install Windows and applications without configuring Windows or applications so that the job […].

Though people may appreciate your promotion of trainingsignal there are lots of exam resources available. Now someone got some information like “Yes, we changed updares. The official topics covered in the exam have been updated for Windows R2. No one suggested the exam underwent a “massive overhaul”. I just want to clarify For uppdates of you relying on 70-6440 for memorizing, you better wait a few more months. That way people could also add stuff there And this could have helped regarding the main topic here, too.

I will post if i get any questions for the R2 when i take the exam. That is a massive cost! I am shocked at the mismanagement of the certification nuggefs.

Wow! eBook | Free eBook , Video Training Download » MS Windows

To not have these materials updated before the test is changed killed me that and all the damn CA questions, doh! Who is going to have Active Directory Recycle Bin experience? I just faild the eaxm. Training and Certification https: