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The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure [James Redfield] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. THE #1 BESTSELLING INTERNATIONAL. The Fourth Insight Experience Study In The Celestine Prophecy, the Fourth Insight is called, “The Struggle for Power.” It builds on the previous insight, “A Matter. IN CELEBRATION OF THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CELESTINE PROPHECY. What is the secret behind The Celestine Prophecy? Why has it remained.

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The Maya people of the past and present”. But it is thanks to authors prophecirs Redfield, who pounded the pavement and made it possible for the rest of us to bring our words to you.

We are now taking this power seriously enough to bring a fuller knowledge of it into public awareness. Those asking the larger of lifes questions.

Holding the Vision The Secret of Shambhala: Yes, some of the idea – maybe more than not – don’t make much sense. Miguel as Obba Babatunde Robyn Cohen The book discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas that are rooted in many ancient Eastern traditions, such as how opening to new possibilities can help an individual establish a connection with the Divine.

Open Preview See a Problem? Before we are born, we have a vision of this mission. The audience is shown how they can learn and use ‘The Secret’ in their everyday lives. There was very little set design done – the stained glass windows, paintings on the walls, the rotunda ceiling – are all actually part of the building’s original decor at the time of its construction, and can be seen by any visitor to the campus.

The Celestine Prophecy

However, we see this phenomenon from time to time. The secret is remembering, first thing in the morning, to watch for these magical Synchronistic moments. I conceived these insights as I examined people and what they were already discovering in the real world.


The Hour of Decision. The challenging part is to remain in this consciousness and to make it central to your everyday existence. The best thing I can say about the book is that it is almost inexplicably readable: The Longer Now This awakening represents the creation of a new, more complete worldview, which replaces a five-hundred-year-old preoccupation with secular survival and comfort.

The key is discovering that affirmative prayer, practiced with the emotion of gratitude it WILL happenestablishes the strongest faith validity. If we manipulate others or steal energy for our personal gain, we find that we are being treated the same way ourselves. The Eleventh Insight is the precise method through which we hold the vision.

In the novel, the Maya civilization left ruins in Peru where the manuscript was found, whereupon the Incas took up residence in the abandoned Maya cities after the Maya had reached an “energy vibration level” which made them cross a barrier into a completely spiritual reality.

I went on to read the rest of James Redfield’s books but this one remained a firm favourite. Other books in the series. Worst book I’ve ever read. I’ll definitely plough through the next 3 books but probably won’t put them on Goodreads again, I guess I’ll keep them all as my guilty secret!

The same karmic principle is in effect. Redfield originally self-published Celestiine Celestine Prophecysellingcopies out of the trunk of his car before Warner Books agreed to publish it. It is not all good I admit. Start your free trial. Each chapter is an outline followed by a review of A quick factual note before my review.

View all 9 comments. When we dislike someone, or feel threatened by someone, the natural tendency is to focus on something we dislike about the person, something that irritates us.


The Celestine Prophecy () – IMDb

To ask other readers questions about The Celestine Prophecyplease sign up. The presence then becomes non-dual, existing both within and outside of us at the same time. Love causes high energy, stress causes low energy. Retrieved 15 May As someone who dislikes the term “new age,” but is partial to many “new agey” ideas, I guess there was a higher possibility I would like this than others.

Sign up for our newsletter to receive up to date information from Celestinevision. With our mission in mind, and as our lives move forward, we begin to notice Synchronicities aimed at our ultimate calling. Uplifting others is especially effective in groups where each member can feel energy of all the others.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Disillusioned and temporarily rudderless, John Woodson is about to experience a dramatic and profound metamorphosis. When we successfully dominate others in this way, we feel more powerful, but they are left weakened and often fight back.

Once we learn to identify intuitions, we realize how celestin bring forth Synchronicity another elevation of awareness occurring. I suggest you will get the most from this film by looking at it not as a blockbuster, but as a paradigm-buster. Millions of people have tasted this life enrichment, yet, we continue to struggle to build a world around conscious enlightenment.

We begin to comprehend the real nature of prayer and guided purpose.