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From intermediate to advanced, this cutting edge video software program presents Chris Standring in the first of a jazz guitar masterclass series. In this 11 lesson. Hi, I have been searching for actual reviews of ‘Play What You Hear’ by Chris Standring. Many people seem to think it is good but there are. The Purpose of the Play What You Hear jazz guitar lesson program is to teach Seriously, the author, Chris Standring, makes a great point that.

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Learn new harmonic devices and understand chords in a whole new way. When I received this Standring course, had a jazz-guitar song in the first three on the jazz. There are over e-produced audio examples that really bring the written word to life.

In other words, he not only knows what srandring wants, but he lives it, too. The next 6 months are going to be exciting for me.

Play What You Hear Volume 1 – an intermediates jazz guitar instructional program by Chris Standring

Joking aside, the author, Chris Standring, makes a good point that many guitarists learn to master the keyboard to form and view templates. Who will benefit the most from this program jazz guitar? The purpose of the games, so you can listen to the jazz guitar lesson program is to teach students to perform dramatic pause, what they yoi.

Try to play along on your guitar. Learn a keyboard instrument. If you put in the work and are diligent, this course will be an excellent guide on your journey towards playing Jazz Guitar”. This course has a very good job ofpresents this concept in a format easily understandable to a very reasonable chhris for a course of training for specialties taught by a leader of jazz.


George Benson sounds like you; not the other way around. The content of both versions are exactly alike. High resolution pdf available for printing the entire program. Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 1 By Chris Standring From intermediate to advanced, this cutting edge video software program presents Chris Standring in the first of a jazz guitar masterclass series.

Study Chris Standring’s six recorded solos, transcribed with audio and high def video. Sing some guitar licks. Study Chris Standring’s six recorded solos, transcribed with audio and high def video.

Chris Standring’s Play What You Hear program, volume 1 and 2

Very well thought out and packed with tons of material. Your course is more than a bargain – it’s a dynamic process that has already begun to transform my playing to a much better place – and your prompt attentiveness to one of your ‘students’ is part of what makes that transformation so effective. GuitarLessonsReviewSatndring.

Every example is shown with video and audio. Part two focuses on chord melody and harmonic superimposition. Play saxaphone solos and keyboard solos on your guitar.

It makes sense to me that after looking at a G on the staff and then playing one would help teach your mind put the two together. This course will help speed up that learning process rapidly. I, like many, have stacks of guitar course books that I briefly managed to get into but then they went on to make great dust collectors.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ok in reply to Slygroove When I replied saying you should learn scales and arpeggios and such, I assumed that to learn these things properly you would also learn where the notes are on the fretboard.

Play What You Hear Volume 2

Many of the audio examples play an alternate version, which plays the main role of a backup tape. Chris Standring emphasizes This CD carries a much higher level of art.


For intermediate and advanced players. Part one focuses on single string improv. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It dhat been many years since the first edition of Play What You Hear originally released in There are many guitarists who are technically or mechanically more developed, but few near in the realm of ‘artist. This atmosphere creates a realistic experience of enchanting band.

Can’t wait to get to the harmony and performance sections of the program soon. Online jazz guitar instruction from recording artist Chris Standring. Chris is in the United States as well as success in the United Kingdom, its home portconcerts a year. Transcribe them without paper, only on guitar. Thank you so much!

I will recommend this course to my students highly! In fact, all your solos have good, solid construction and a very swinging feel. You will learn to hear major, melodic minor and blues scales and learn harmony and how to see it all very simply on the fretboard. Focuses on chord melody. It’s the kind of instruction that makes playing guitar fun.

For intermediate and advanced players. I appreciate the time you spent on attention to detail, making it fun, making it real and most of all it holds your attention. Simply the best learning method to come along since Jamie Abersold.