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Composite Providers are used to combine multiple InfoProviders using Join or Union operations. When you use SAP BW on HANA, one of the InfoProvider. Trying to figure out how SAP BW’s relatively new virtual InfoProviders . CompositeProvider / Composite Provider – How to assign your Source. SAP BW on HANA is nothing but SAP’s existing NetWeaver BW data warehouse, editors, e.g. for the composite provider or the new query designer (planned).

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My forehead also instantaneously got less warm from the reduced stress of not having to try and compoosite InfoProviders with the Eclipse BW Reporting Previewer.

SAP BW on HANA – Composite Providers

The modeling of our CompositeProvider was a success! Running a query from BO Analysis. Excellent tutorials — very easy to understand with all the details.

Select Join Partner screen Next, in Figure 12, we ib to select which field to join the field we right-clicked in Figure You can execute all these actions by right-clicking a PartProvider and selecting the appropiate option from the context menu.

In the middle of Figure 8, we see the Source section of the CompositeProvider. You can also see the properties of those fields in the Output tab. The modeling happens in the Scenario Tab see Figure 4. August 27, at Learn how your comment data is processed. Have you tried this program with local composite providers?


Once you click a PartProvider on the left side of the Scenario Tab, it shows up in the Source section. When you model with fields instead of InfoObjects, these are the main performance penalties:.

We see that the description does not necessarily need to be the same. April 3, 2 minute read. Now Activate providdr composite provider. Migrate your Composite Providers after upgrade BW7. We can create as many joins and unions as we want, but with a few limitations. Select Join Partner screen. Furthermore, in the section on the left we can model a Join or a Union.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How to assign your Source fields to a Target field. If you change your mind after this step, no worries, because you can add and remove PartProviders later in the CompositeProvider modeling screen.

With regards to joins: May 4, at We can model a Join or a Union by either right-clicking the PartProviders or the box indicating the Join or Union itself.

SAP BW on HANA Composite Providers

July 30, at Hi thanks for the nice explaining. How to create a Join Condition. So I would only use it on a short-term basis, i.

The first PartProvider you add should be based on transactional data, because you can union the first PartProvider you add as many times as necessary with additional PartProviders. After assigning your fields you should see some squiggly lines connecting your Source fields to your Target fields, like in Providre Secondly, in the fifth and sixth column of Figure 18, we see the field values of all the Dancing Course Instructors.


Manage logical grouping Grouping does not affect query performance, im only exists to organize the fields in a logical way. Hierarchies and formatting rules. We now also know how to model CompositeProviders.

If you do not see all of the fields in your Source provider in the Source area, one of your Source fields probably has a data type that is not compatible with CompositeProviders.

Jamiroquai would be proud of you! Is there any Tcode. Add PartProvider screen Here we see something interesting.

Migrate Composite Provider SAP BW

Steven Posted on September 17, at 1: After clicking select Join with or Union with see Figure 6. We achieve this by first selecting the Inner Join box on the left, so the PartProviders for the Join pop-up in the Source screen in the middle. Appreicate bs quick help!

September 2, at I would like to put this all to sao. Result of mapping Source fields to your Target If you do not see all of the fields in your Source provider in the Source area, one of your Source fields probably has a data type that is not compatible with CompositeProviders.