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Perhaps the real value exists in the knowledge patterns that emerge.


Continuar Iniciado por Augusto de Franco 26 Fev, Decentralization of knowledge Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. When we encounter a challenge, we visit our database of known solutions with the objective of applying a template solution on the problem. It is an expression of structure such as the constellation of connections that enable the movement of an arm, or those that define a particular memory.

Labeling is a cognitive off-loading process; once we can put someone or a concept into a box, we do not have to be as active in making meaning. Betweenness centrality – a calculation of how ‘between’ constituencies or groups of nodes a particular node is – a broker node or ‘boundary spanner’. It “is more critical than what is currently known” Siemens [ edit ] centrality A measure of the importance of a node in a network.

Awareness and receptivity, Connection-forming, Contribution and involvement, Pattern recognition, Meaning-making, Praxis” Siemens [ edit ] understanding “understanding is an emergent property of a network” Siemens b [ edit ] Bibliography Downes S.


We can now acquire our resources in any manner that we desire. To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. This process is creating a serious divide in the ability of people to dialogue and share common understandings.

We are still fixated on the notion of content. A metaphor that describes the learning delivered through the network of connections and activities of a learner.

To survive, we extend ourselves through our networks: Tools and approaches possess, in themselves, innate attributes for optimal function saw for cutting wood, hammer for building Decentralization of knowledge Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.

They sit in a different country. How does theory “construct in advance” shape knowledge spaces? Matching systems to societys needs But conlcimiento current system has a dim future 7. Solutions are contained within the problems themselves not external, templated responsesand problems always morph as we begin to work on them.

To what degree should knowledge emerge and influence theory? Instead of trying to force the new nature of knowledge into organizational structures, let it exist for a while. The nature of the situation determines our response. Even the images conocimiehto proposed ways of looking at knowledge provided in this book are an attempt to provide some organization.

Learners weave together connect various content and conversation elements to create an integrated, though at times contradictory, network of issues and concerns. Wiemens Butler Yeats Pieces are conoimiento everywhere…stitching together reality is in the hands of many.


Growth of for-profit educationhttp: When we dialogue, it is in relation to something—to an event, a person, or some situation before us. Sense making happens in their conocimientl. This one-dimensional view is lazy thinking.


Their interdependence results in effective knowledge flow, enabling the personal understanding of the state of activities organizationally. Our approach to working with knowledge requires a similar holistic view—first we need to understand a situation for what it is, and then we move forward with our response.

It “is more critical than what is currently known” Siemens You could get your content fix in the form of a textbook, a CD, a newscast, a newspaper, or a classroom. Centering agents provide significant value in creating focal points for members of society. It is less stressful. Categorizing offloads cognition to established views—but what are the costs? In the individual there is no place where ‘Paris is the capital of France’ is stored.

They want to create the ecology in which they function and learn. Organizations need to achieve goals, objectives, targets, but they need to achieve them in non-linear ways.

George Siemens, Oslo, noviembre 2009

The views that we must know before we can do, and that problems geroge clear solutions, can be limiting in certain instances especially instances of high complexity or uncertainty. A skill acquired by learners that allows them to make decisions and learn from their network. We used to go to one source of information to get a thousand points of information.