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The i-Series continues the Macro-Tech legacy of unparalleled sonic accuracy and detail, putting sound quality above all else. For over two decades, Crown. The Macro-Tech VZ is the most advanced amplifier to offer Crown’s patented Variable Impedance (VZ) power supply technology. New semiconductor . Crown MA Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Crown MA Brochure.

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However I have no idea if they repair amplifiers anymore. You’ll note that I never used the word “sub” in the original post Only in that there is a high -pass filter in circuit.

M5000 small changes in materials could possibly make the new cones a lower impedance when loaded in the cabinets. The mids and highs need around 30A per phase to run properly. But I’m not necessarily losing more woofers from the “top” location. The LEDs on the ma5000 of a are a bit confusing and have lead to a few premature driver deaths over the years. Another thing I’ve noticed is that in the MTL2 boxes, one woofer faces up and one faces down.

This page was generated in 0. Another thing, it seems to always be the same three baskets that I’m sending back.

I agree with Elliott that burning up voice coils crow an indicator of average power that exceeds their thermal dissipation capabilities. The amps have both been back to the factory within the past year.

Well, I had one voice coil separate from the cone after cooking Xrown company I run the sound department for have these things in stock too. In my previous post the term “cooked the voice coil” may be a bit of an overstatement. It had developed a crack along the edge, but had no sign of over excursion. See how long you will be able too keep your bassline going properley or the bands kickdrum in step on the field.


At the end of a show, the top ones will often mq5000 hot to the touch, and the bottom ones still cool.

May 06, Yesterday, cleaned and tested the four drivers, the one series 1 diaphragm that I had replaced with a series 2 still played, but “whistled” at certain frequencies. I’m owner of 2 pieces of Macrotech VZ beasts, ans they have runned one full night with 2 ohms 4×8 ohms subs on each channel,and don’t have any kind of troubles.

It goes 2ohm all night long while the VZ is choking next to it. Your amp is broken. Had one with a screw been dropped inside it, totally fried one channel. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

The Loudspeaker Offset Integration circuit uses an algorithm that centers disparate near-synchronous LF waveforms on a loudspeakers excursion “swing”. Jason Phair Marketplace Jr.

Crown Macro-tech MA5000VZ Professional Power Amplifier Macrotech 5000vz 2 Avail

Bob Lee on May 06, Its a bitch running 3 bass cabs per side on that thing. Thanks for the information, I’ll give it a shot. That’s essentially what a high-pass filter in a power amp will do; call it an “algorithm” if you want but I think that suggests more complexity than actually exists. If the voice coil crkwn burning ctown, the continuous average level of the amplifier is exceeding the thermal capacity of the driver.


May 02, Logged Dave Barnett Jr.

If I remember correctly, the compressors affect the input signal of the amplifier. With the amount of compression offered in music these days such an crwn is possible. Logged Elliot Thompson Jr.

ProSoundWeb Community

I’ve had similar things with EAW subs that lasted forever, and then had a rash of failures with no changes to the rig May 03, Logged Jason Phair Marketplace Jr. That said, my money is on slightly different parts and slightly more average power lately has put them over crowwn edge. Edited by pchclx criwn 17 May at 8: It sucks when the new parts don’t last.

Bruce Burke on May 07, On probably 15 different 2 VZ’s!

CROWN – MAVZ – Power amplifier (Used) – JSFrance

Also, wouldn’t DC show as a turn-on thump? Read times Dave Barnett Jr.

Logged paul bell Hero Member Offline Posts: Dave Barnett on May 01, So for 4 ohms on both channels it will draw around 34,3 amps, how the PDF says, exactly wich you fave feed on your 32 amps soket.

I’m guessing your failures have all involved cone tears? Whose angry now, fool. Jim McKeveny on Ja5000 02, You would have noticed that I was talking about the 2 VZ if you were able to read. My failures have been voice coils cooking, not cone tears.