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View and Download Cisco D installation and operation manual online. Advanced Program Receiver. D Receiver pdf manual download. View and Download Cisco D installation and configuration manual online. D Receiver pdf manual download. Also for: Di. D, Advanced program receiver • Read online or download PDF • Toner Cable D Advanced Program Receiver User Manual.

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Please read this entire guide before you install or operate this product. Give particular attention to all safety statements. Printed in United States of America.

Information in this publication is subject to change without notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by photocopy, Accessories — Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table.

The product may fall, causing serious injury to a child or adult, and serious damage to the product. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact your electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding-type plug. This will prevent damage to the product due to lightning and power-line surges.

Heat — The product should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other products including amplifiers that produce heat. Hersteller-Wartung Wartungsarbeiten sind nur durch vom Hersteller autorisierte Techniker vorzunehmen.

Cisco D9854 Manuals

This equipment has openings for ventilation to protect it from overheating. To ensure equipment reliability and safe operation, do not block or cover any of the ventilation manyal. Install the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel only.

Important Safety Instructions, Continued Safety Checks – After service, assemble this equipment and perform safety checks to ensure it is safe to use before putting it back v9854 operation. Accessories Use only attachments or accessories specified by the manufacturer. Setting up Backup Mznual Section C – Transport Stream Outputs A Ethernet Management Interface A Ethernet Data Interface A RS Data Interface The manal describes all available options for the D receiver. Your D receiver may only have some of the features described in this manual.

Connect the L-Band signal to RF1. Single-shield cables are acceptable for all other inputs and outputs. Press MENU four times to return to the startup screen. It will find the first available channel on the network. Press MENU twice to return to the start-up menu. TID number for authorization. The TID can be found on the About menu.


Cisco D9854 PowerVu Digital, MPEG2/4 SD/HD Satellite Receiver (SPTS)

Make maunal note of the TID number. Press MENU twice to return to the start-up screen. Please follow the procedure for your model to configure the outputs. Descrambling Mode ” Menu. Use to select the scrambling mode. Press MENU 5 times to return to the startup menu. Press to move to M2. Press MENU repeatedly to return to the startup screen.

Cisco D Satellite Receiver User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

Press to move to PCR Addition. Press MENU to exit the menu level and save the changes. Press MENU six times to return to the start-up screen.

It describes the most common applications and interfaces of the receiver. In This Chapter This chapter contains the following topics. It is used for upgrading the software application. Before installing the D Advanced Program Receiver, read all safety precautions and guidelines thoroughly. Qualified Personnel Only appropriately qualified and trained personnel should attempt to install, operate or maintain the D receiver.

As Cisco units are designed for continuous operation, some products do not have a power switch. Cooling The D receiver is cooled by the use of internal fans. The air intake is from the front and the air outlet is on the rear.

Make sure that the power cable is connected to protective ground. See Grounding, page for more information. The D receiver is equipped with one power supply located in the rear of the chassis. Audio 1 and Mnual 2 provide two Terminal Blocks Outputs stereo pairs or four mono channels.

Ground Screw Grounding point for the receiver. There are two connectors to manuaal active loop-through possibility. The following drawing shows the audio connector.

You need to set up the IP address on the D receiver via the front panel display. For information on setting up the IP address via the front panel, see Set up for Network Connection, page The equipment after the D receiver could be an IP router or a switch.

These outputs are user-configurable via the F9854 Menu on the front panel. The interconnect cable from the D receiver to a PC should be straight through i. Connect the Cue Trigger pins 1 to 8 to up to 8 serial control devices or a device to control ad-insertion. These outputs are user-configurable on the front panel menu. The username and password defaults are as follows unless you have been provided customer-specific defaults in addition to the one normally supplied.


The following lists the supported CAMs: This information is primarily applicable for standalone operation. About the Front Panel Introduction The D receiver is operated using controls and indicators on the front panel. These are shown in the following illustration. When entering data, moves the cursor to amnual right. DOWN arrow Highlights d9584 menu item below.

When entering text, the 1 button can be used to insert spaces press twice. To delete a character, press 0 twice. To lock the front panel, perform the same procedure, except use to change the state. In this case you will not be prompted to confirm the operation. PE1 is used by the PowerVu signal only. Channel name Name of the monitored program.

Refrain from powering off the unit while the hourglass is displayed. In most cases, this will display contextual information on the LCD screen.

The Download symbol indicates that a software download for a version of software already in memory has been detected. The Session Open symbol indicates that you are changing a manjal of related items.

Press ADV again to select the channel number. Directly enter the channel number using the 0 to 9 keys. Provides the flexibility to define all the outgoing PID numbers for the PE, including those not currently on transmission. Mabual Menu Operation of the D receiver begins at the Main menu.

Indicates the type of CA used for the received signal, e. Indicates whether the receiver is authorized to receive the signal. Select Abort to cancel the operation or Continue to manhal all the warnings and alarms.

Indicates the audio channel within the stream when the signal contains more than two audio pairs. AUD1 for audio channel Aud1. AUD2 for audio channel Aud2. No Lock Indicates the receiver is not locked to a carrier. Indicates the bit rate of the received input signal. Indicates whether a Pilot is present for the received signal.

The Pilot is set on the modulator for manuwl signal synchronization purposes. Indicates the current Carrier-to-Noise ratio. Indicates the packet Size in bytes for the selected input.