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So begins Daemonic & Arcane, another new product released by Rob Kuntz’s Pied Piper Publishing this month and one that comes much. DAEMONIC ARCANE MAGE STATS Strenght: 14 [+8 points per level] Agility: 17 [+10 points per level] Intelligence: 30 [+ 16 points per level]. Update April 15th: Arcane Emperor will be returning at the latest, the first saturday sunday of May. Temporary Hiatus. Real life problems, not.

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He differs in that he has a daemonkc levelable mana shield that allows him to tank about twice as well. That is, these aren’t “assembly line” magic items; they possess a uniqueness to them that recalls the artifacts and relics of Eldritch Wizardry and the Dungeon Masters Guideeven if their potency is generally not on par with those famed works of magic although a daemlnic possess a similar degree of customization.

Arcane Temple.png

His invisibility skill allows him to wait and regen mana when he’s in danger. Summons the arcane dragon to fight for you. Even better, Kuntz includes asides — “Author’s Historical Commentary” — and endnotes for many of the items, so as to share bits of information and trivia that pertain to the how and why of an item’s creation and, in some cases, which player’s character first obtained it.

Perforce we pay more per book than higher print runs. Like The Stalkit’s not a bound book, but a collection of 15 loose pages, plus a cover sheet with some very evocative art by Eric Bergeron.


Learn these skills to unlock the secrets within Arcanic Magic. Most of his skills also require a target enemy, while the sorceress can simply cast on an area. Though it costs less mana until very high levels. James Maliszewski March 4, at 8: Removes all buffs from enemy units in a target area while destroying mana.

These are items rich in history and long-time fans of the game will be fascinated by arcans like the Iron Bands of N’Closur, the Scepter of King Robert I, and the Steps of Zayene, among many others. This is a solid aoe spell, although I would prefer the Sorceress’ frozen death ability.

Arcane Mage | Daemonic sword ORPG Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Teleport to allied units and structures anywhere within Brenellia. Although most mages get a form of mana shield at some point it usually isn’t until higher levels, and it’s capped at a measly 40 damage absorbed or 55 for the upgraded versions. They’re novel, puzzling, and, above all, magical. Still can be useful against some of the hard hitting spells.

Image – Arcane | Daemonic sword ORPG Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I gave the witch a wand of magic missiles and the priest innumerable cure light wounds spells so as to prop the 1st level novice party against a three level dungeon. Indeed, Kuntz notes that the aforementioned Iron Bands of N’Closur, for example, possessed abilities never discovered in the Original Campaign.


PPP publishes unique content, maintains a very high quality standard and employs and works with the zrcane folks we can find at reasonable prices in the industry. Lots of direct damage spells. However, this is very useful for bosses that use antimagic shield.

Arcane Mage

Unfortunately the heal never upgrades. Just be careful you don’t overuse it. Real handy for moving around. Mages have always sought to control the full power of the Arcane.

If used at the wrong time, this could get you killed. Funny, but so far there has been little arcnae and only a single magical item in my current game. Most runs are between Brooze the Bear March 1, at 7: When I was first starting my game world, I wanted to make it without demi-humans or humanoids, since I thought that they gamers created Orgs and Goblins as a way to dehumanize the enemy cannon fodder and make a game more of a guiltless pleasure. If teleporting into dungeons or interiors, you must target an allied hero.

The blast will damage mana equal to the intelligence of the hero excluding bonuses.

The Mage is an adept of the arcane and divine magics of the realms.