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Here, in the eagerly awaited sequel to David Eddings’ bestselling The Belgariad, is the first book of The Malloreon, an epic quest across strange lands and. The Malloreon, Vol. 1 (Books ): Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on. At the end of The Belgariad, Garion has slain the evil god Torak and believes that he may expect lasting peace. The first half of the book concentrates on the first.

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Plenty of magic, mayhem, plots, and characters, these books whet my appetite for fantasy. Here was a little repetition of the plot, but I loved being with ov the characters again! As a primer or first reader in fantasy The Belgariad, and The Mallorean are excellent introductions to the genre, for their obvious use of standard tropes that make the fantasy genre distinct from others, but it won’t offer readers’ much beyond that.

Guardians Of The West by David Eddings

Je ne guarddians pas si vous le saviez mais je suis un fan des suite et des crossovers. And so I liked the second one.

A battle ensues against her Grolim priests, as well as the demon Mordja. The only thing that would allow one to differentiate from Eddings’s irritating women was their appearances and names.

Guardians of the West – A David and Leigh Eddings Website

The story we’re presented with details the final confrontation between the child of light and the child of dark. Bibliography by David Eddings. Having just re-read the Begariad thr is clear that this book isn This was an enjoyable story, the book is easy to read and moves along at a decent pace.


This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Like the first set, we see the child of light’s side of the story for the most part. Dec 03, Sebastien rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Who knows, maybe one day I will, but in a way it is unlikely. This article does not cite any sources. Eddigns the fist half of this book stops it from being 5 stars. I am just as transfixed and enjoy them just as rhe. Jan 16, Brian Grefenstette rated it it was amazing.

Now, I dive into the final volume of this wonderful series. The Sapphire Rose The Elenium: The Sum of All Men. I love the characters in this series, in fact I think they are some of the most interesting written. I think this series and the one that followed, nam The advid set of books detailing the adventures of Garion are both a bit deeper and a bit darker than the first set.

What dominates the whole book is, of course, the humorous writing that we have encountered in the author’s previous books. Subsequent to Garion’s discovery, his regent Brand is unexpectedly murdered by assassins sent guaddians kill Ce’Nedra and her newborn son Geran. I wset to admit that my knowledge on writing concept of fantasy novel is very limited. I loved reading about the characters from the Belgariad at a point later in time, seeing how they grew up and in which ways they are the same, how relationships have evolved and young people matured.


So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review. The world that Eddings creates and the characters that he fills it with are just amazing. It was nice reading about the familiar characters of the wezt series, and it actually covers a couple of years.

Guardians of the West

Silk, Mandorallen and Barak for instance, his protagonists quickly became clear stereotypes instead of effectively building upon their archetypal bases.

The gang are back! The Diamond Throne The Elenium: Eddinga, both books are sequels of the respective original series. Everything I said about the Belgariad applies here.

He only has one story in him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The most useless continuation of a great series – The Belgariad, which had come to a perfect end. Garion has slain the dest God Torak and is now the King of Riva. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All of these problems are resolved without much trouble, their resolutions providing some comic relief. Of course it wasn’t over after only five books.