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DOD has replaced the use of the SF 93 with the DD Form and DD Form is used by recruiters to pre-screen applicants. DD, Record of Military Processing – Armed Forces of the United States. 9/1/ DD, Medical Prescreen of Medical History Report. 3/1/ mil/ battalions/index. html. All supporting medical documentation must be present with the DD Form to meet the above timeframes for.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This form is to be completed by each individual who requires medical processing in accordance with Army Regulation Chapter 2 standards, or Department of Defense Directive This form replaces the existing medical prescreening form DD Form The revisions are designed to ensure that medical prescreening questions “used by recruiters and by U.

Military Entrance Processing Command are specific, unambiguous and tied directly to the types of medical separations most common for recruits during basic training and follow-on training” per P.

A, Title V, S Use of this form will also facilitate efficient, timely, and accurate medical processing of individuals applying for service in the United States Armed Forces or Coast Guard.

The form is designed to assist recruiters in the medical pre-screening of applicants.

DD Form 2807-2 – Montana Army National Guard Recruiting and

The individual completing the DD Form will submit the form, at a minimum, 1 processing day in advance to the MEPS projected to process the individual. A minimum of 2 processing days in advance is required if support documentation e. Items are followed by numbers that refer to the following: After the MEPS Medical Officer reviews the provided information, the appropriate recruiting service member will be informed of the examinee’s processing status, or if additional record review or specialty consultation may be required for further processing or qualification determination.

If the applicant was hospitalized, then obtain a copy of the hospital record, to include if any: ER report, admission history and physical, study reports, procedure reports, operative report especially necessary for surgery to bone or jointpathology report, specialty consultation reports, and discharge summary. Records pertaining to non-psychiatric diagnoses may be sent to the Medical Section of the processing MEPS, with the envelope stating: The envelope must bear the following statement: Send comments regarding this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing the burden, to the Department of Defense, Executive Services Directorate Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently valid OMB control number.


To obtain medical data for determination of medical fitness for enlistment, induction, appointment and retention for applicants and members of the Armed Forces. The information will also be used for medical boards and separation of Service members from the Armed Forces.

Military form dd | sdpxlve |

Voluntary; however, failure by an applicant to provide the information may result in delay or possible rejection of the individual’s application 28007-2 enter the Armed Forces. For an Armed Forces member, failure to provide the information may result in the individual being placed in a non-deployable status.

The information you have given constitutes an official statement.

If you are selected for enlistment, commission, or entrance into a commissioning program based on a false statement, you can be tried by military courts-martial or meet an administrative board ds discharge and ds receive a less than honorable discharge that would affect your future.

Every item marked “YES” must be fully explained in Item 2b. YES NO YES NO 1 Asthma, wheezing, or inhaler use 4 24 Any other heart problems 4 2 Dislocated joint, including knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle or other joint 1 7 25 High blood pressure 4 3 Epilepsy, fits, seizures, or convulsions 4 27 Ulcer stomach, duodenum or other part of intestine 4 4 Sleepwalking 4 28 Received disability compensation for an injury or other medical condition 4 5 Recurrent neck or back pain 4 1 7 6 Rheumatic fever 4 26 Discharged from military service for medical reasons 4 29 Hepatitis liver dx or inflammation 4 30 Intestinal obstruction locked bowelsor any other chronic or recurrent intestinal problem, including small intestine or colon problems, such as Crohn’s disease or colitis 4 7 Foot pain 3 8 A swollen, painful, or dislocated joint or 2087-2 in a joint knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow, etc.


If so, call the MEPS for information on special requirements for over physicals 4 35 Gall bladder trouble or gall stones 4 36 Jaundice 4 13 Fainting spells or passing out 4 37 Missing a kidney 4 14 Head injury, including skull fracture, resulting in concussion, loss of consciousness, headaches, etc.

Cigars Smokeless tobacco c Date last used 74 Evaluation, treatment, or hospitalization for substance use, abuse, addiction or dependence including illegal drugs, prescription medications, or other substances 75 Any illnesses, surgery, or hospitalization not listed 2807-22 b. Describe answer sgive date s of problems, name doctor sclinic shospital streatment given and current medical status.

Cd additional sheet s if necessary. I further understand that I may be requested to provide medical documentation regarding issues within my medical history. I authorize any of the doctors, hospitals, clinics or insurance company ies to furnish the Department of Defense medical authority a complete transcript of my medical record for purposes of ds my application for military service.

I certify all information is complete and true to the best of my knowledge.

I df conducted the medical prescreening requirements as directed by service regulations. Physician may develop by interview any additional medical history deemed important, and record any significant findings here.

Dd Form 2807

Based on information provided, further processing is: Mission Statement – Danebury Avenue Surgery. Grayshott Surgery Patient Participation Group. ACL Injury Looking to return to your sport or job.