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View and Download Denon AVR brochure & specs online. channel A/V caried media connectivity. AVR Stereo Receiver pdf manual download. Read Instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the . Thank you for choosing the DENON AVR AV Surround Receiver. Rock solid receiver. Well-built, great features and options. Fantastic sound quality and switching to fit almost any set-up. As usual for Denon.

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This plug will fit into the power outlet majual one way. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into qualified technician to restore the product to its normal operation, the outlet, try reversing the plug. We greatly appreciate your purchase of the AVR To be sure you take maximum advantage of all the features the AVR has to offer, read these instructions carefully and use the set properly. Be sure to keep this manual for future reference should any questions or problems arise.

Dfnon from the main unit, but this distance will be shorter if there are avr-4360 in the way or if the of this, the output signals are greatly attenuated for several seconds after the power switch is remote control unit is not pointed directly at the remote sensor. For details on the functions of these parts, refer to the pages given in parentheses. Getting Started Getting Started Rear panel Remote control unit For details on the functions of these parts, refer to the pages given venon parentheses.

Set the volume to halfway and set the crossover frequency to the maximum or Low pass filter off if your subwoofer can adjust the output volume and the crossover frequency Some subwoofers have a standby mode. Be sure to turn this function off before performing the Auto Setup procedure. ENTER manuwl, then press the button.

Denon AVR-4306 Setup and Configuration

Please check the following matters, reset the pertinent items, and measure again. Cable indications instructions of the other components. The hookup diagrams on the subsequent pages assume the use of the following optional connection cables not supplied. You can do this by either a component or a video or a S-Video connection. Connecting the external inputs EXT. Playback The EL display switches as shown below with respect to the Operating the remote control unit selected mode. The RC remote control has a backlit EL display whose contents change according to the mode or function selected, AUTO All auto mode: Depending on the input signal.

Select the surround back channel playback method or mode.

: Denon AVR Channel watts Home Theater Receiver: Home Audio & Theater

This is a function for automatically playing in the 6. The control can be set in 7 steps from 0 to 6. This mode is suited mainly for playing music. The front channel FL and FR signals bypass the decoder and are played directly so there is no loss of sound quality, and the effect of the surround signals output from the center C and surround SL, SR and SB channels add a natural sense of expansion to the sound field.


In this case, try other surround modes, without worrying about their names, to create a sound field suited to your tastes. When playing sources recorded in monaural, the sound will dsnon one-sided if signals are only input to one channel left or rightso input signals to both channels. This sets the strength of the surround effect.

The level can be set in 15 steps from 1 to This function makes it possible to lower the volume of the front You can adjust the channel level either according to the playback channels FL, C and FR or the rear channels SL, SR, SBL and sources or to avr–4306 your tastes, as described below. The iPod can be controlled using the buttons on the main unit and the remote control unit.

The AVR does not come with an Ethernet cable. Purchase demon of the required length. The AVR can manua, connected to a network by cable to listen to Internet radio or music files stored on computers. Preset channel mode so that the tape deck ednon be operated page Some models cannot be operated with this remote control You have 10 seconds to press each digit.

If it takes longer unit. It is only possible to set avr-4360 preset memory for either the Monitor TV TVsystem buttons When there are codes usable for the preset device, those codes are sent when the buttons below are pressed.

If not, by default the DVD codes are punched through. If the punch through setting is made after the preset memory is set, the codes are sent with priority. The zone volume can be adjusted within the range of —70 to 18 dB, in steps of 1 dB.

This function eliminates the need to perform complicated Advanced Setup — Part 1 Advanced Setup — Part 1 You can customize a variety of system setup so that it may be fitting for your listening environment. The AVR is equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-understand on screen display, and is equipped with an alpha-numeric front panel display tube that can also be used to check and adjust settings.

We recommend that you use the on screen display when you make system adjustments.

Setting the iPod Assignment button to adjust the level. Setting the Network Option Select according to the language of the computer being used. This Speaker Setup section describes the procedures to make speaker settings manually without using the Auto Setup functionas to select the parameter. Select the setting of an Equalizer that has been set with Auto Adjusts the frequency response of the surround speakers to Setup or Manual EQ.

Equalizer curve, then mabual the button. Set this to switch the Mic Input jack for use for Majual or V. In terminals playback method. When using one surround back speaker, Here we describe a number of aavr-4306 settings for different place it at the rear center facing the front at a slightly higher sources recorded in 6.

Set the center speaker In processing Dolby Audio processing processing Dolby In this case the DTS-encoded signals may be the pictures and sound can be recorded simultaneously on the processed erroneously, in which case they cannot be DTS-ES Discrete 6. The solution to this problem is to apply room correction after to 96 or Increasing the number High-grade LPCM 24 ddenon, kHz, 6-channel or bit, kHz, 2- This is a media server provided free of charge by Microsoft since of measuring points will provide a better sampling of the channel digital input is possible when the AVR is October Turned on or off by speaker configuration setting HDMI eenon output with that resolution.


On screen display superimposed on S-Video signal and output. Manaul you operated the receiver according to the Operating Instructions? Are the speakers and other components operating properly? If this unit is not operating properly, check the items listed in the table below. Y brightness amnual — Memphis IngersollKyoto Metronic Inno Afr-4306Lenco Metz,inotech Leyco Interbuy,, InterfunkMGN Technology Nu-Tec Pioneer, Royal Oceanicsenon,Polk Audio Runco Portland Saba,Okano, Prinz Saisho Singer, Universum,SinudyneTech Line, Smaragd Technics,Vector Sonic BlueTechniSat Vector Research Soniko Addison, Albiral Asberg Admiral,Alfide Asora Alkos AstraAdvent, AllorganAsuka deenon,Adventura Allstar Crown,Denko Ecco,, Denon,,Denstar Edison-Minerva, Denver, Elbe Haihong Hisense,Hypson,Haiyan,,,Janual,Hyundai,Irradio,Kambrook, Konka,, Kamp,Isukai,Kangchong,, Lihua Mark, Merritt Lloyd’s, Master’s Metronic Lloytron Masuda,Metz avr-43306,, Loewe,,, Multitech,Nikko, Orline,, Nikon OrmondNoblexOrsowe Murphy, Nobliko, Osaki,Phase Prinston Radiotone,Philco,Prinz, mankal,,Prism Rank Arena, dejon,Saccs Sanyo,Serino, Sagem,, Shancha, Saige,, Shanghai,Saisho,Skantic Standard,Tandberg, Tandy,Skygiant Starlite, avr–4306, SkysonicStenwayTarga Skyworth,Cherokee, Digiturk Euro1 Chess, avr-430, DirecTV,Eurocrypt CityCom,,, EuroLine,, Lennox Medison Nokia, avr-43306, Lenson Mega,Leyco Melectronic, MemorexNordmende, Lifesat,SL Marx Technomate Toshiba,SM Electroni, Technosat,xenon, Smart,Technotrend,Miro,Thorens Mission, Thule Audio Mitsubishi Realistic,Tivoli Audio TokaiMusical FidelityRestek Toshiba Philco JerroldBushQuasarMotorola, Denver RadioShack Nokia Sylvania,PaceSamsungPioneer Preset codes set upon shipment from the factory.

Printed in Japan 00D Page of Go. Page 32 – Checking the currently playing program s Page 54 – Character search function searching by Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Safety Instructions This plug will fit into the manaul outlet only one way. Page 6 We greatly appreciate your purchase of the AVR Part Names And Functions For details on the functions of these parts, refer to the pages given in parentheses.


Rear Panel Getting Started Getting Started Rear panel Remote control unit For details on the functions of these parts, refer to the pages given in parentheses. Connecting A Microphone Set the volume to halfway and set the crossover frequency to the maximum or Low pass filter off if your subwoofer can adjust the output volume avrr-4306 the crossover frequency Some subwoofers have a standby mode.

About The Error Message Please check the following matters, reset the pertinent items, and measure again. Connecting Other Sources Cable indications instructions of the other components.

Connecting The External Inputs ext. Connecting A Vcr 71, Playback Using The External Input ext.