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Dissertation , RWTH Aachen [18] Laufs, W.; Mohren, R., Neuartige Stahl- Glas e in Bemessungskonzept, Diplomarbeit Lehrstuhl fiir Stahlbau RWTH. 6th International Conference on Structures in Fire (SiF 10), East Lansing, MI, pp. , Lancaster, PA: DEStech Publications, Incorporated, June , Proceedings of the fifth International Conference Structures in Fire: SiF , Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, May, ,

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Design model for the verification of the separating function of light timber frame assemblies. The entire testing program had to be carried out within two weeks to avoid any interference with the ongoing reconstruction process.


Fire technologyvol. The experimental investigation focused on the bond behavior of the composite slabs and the influence of the 35 years service life. Development of a composite slab system with integrated installation floor and increased material-efficiency. As preparation of the tests, strips were diamond cut from the slab but left in situ.


Experimental analysis on spalling of high-strength concrete. Im ersten Abschnitt dieses Versuchsberichts diplomabreit die Versuche detailiert beschrieben. The structure consists of composite floor slabs, a steel frame with stub-girder beams and hot rolled steel columns as supporting structure.

The tests showed that a sufficient bond still exists between the steel sheets and the concrete and that current design rules properly assess the loadbearing capacity of structures after long-term use. Research Publishing Services, July Im darauffolgenden Abschnitt werden die Versuchsergebnisse dargestellt und siplomarbeit. In the first part of this report the performed tests are described in detail. In situ tests on steel deck concrete composite slabs at Zurich airport.

Publikationen – Stahl-, Holz- und Verbundbau | ETH Zürich

The data generated by these tests enabled the assessment of the composite slabs regarding demolition or adaption of the structure with the associated economic and ecologic effects. In situ tests on steel deck concrete composite slabs at Zurich International Airport. The examined structure was built in DEStech Publications, June Dipolmarbeit evaluation of the results was done with common design methods, such as the m-k-method and the partial shear connection theory. Startseite Navigation Inhalt Inhaltsverzeichnis Suche.


In the following stahlbah, the results of the tests are presented and evaluated. After 35 years in service it will be converted to implement the Schengen agreement with the European Union.

In addition, tests on continues beams, on cantilever beams as well as tests on openings and punching tests completed the extensive test program.

Engineering Structuresvol.

In total ten large-scale tests were carried out on simple beams with different shear span length to evaluate the shear capacity between the steel sheeting and the concrete.

IBK Berichtvol.