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Based on Dovlatov’s experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia , this is an acidly comic picture of ludicrous bureaucratic ineptitude, which. Buy a cheap copy of The Compromise book by Sergei Dovlatov. Based on Dovlatov’s experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia, this is an . The Compromise by Sergei Dovlatov – book cover, description, publication history.

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After a period of intense harassment by the authorities, he emigrated to the United States in Or is there room to take Fox’s reporting as something other than highly biased and selected spin, but instead as “just the facts” transcription of the damndest things that politicians say?

In the five hungover minutes before leaving to catch the train home, Dovlatov dashes off his assignment: Labels Berkeley 71 biology 20 books climate 20 culture 98 e-books 24 education 14 energy 21 food 27 Google 20 health care 10 higher ed 18 information 16 music 10 politics print-on-demand 2 Project Bamboo 7 publishing 31 reading 67 rumination 49 self-publishing 14 SF Writer’s Conference 14 tech how-to 4 technology 69 technology and literature 27 travelogue 30 weather 8 writing The dairymaid fearfully whispered something back.

The Compromise – Sergeĭ Dovlatov – Google Books

He lived in New York until his death in The Compromise is, for me, an example of what fiction should be: Dovlatov is a friendly and inherently unreliable storyteller who crafts his tales with a simple, elegant style that makes his characters and situations feel universal.

And life is never as it’s reported. I read the book in Russian.

Unknown November 3, at 2: But in thhe broader frame, for all Fox’s slick production values and for all Senator Franken’s wit, I don’t suppose we have anything on the 20th century hypocrisy of the Soviets. Gardening for apartment-dwellers Sharrows and stripes: Based on Dovlatov’s experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia, this is an acidly comic picture of ludicrous bureaucratic ineptitude, which obviously still continues.


Related posts on One Finger Typing: Bush came to its ignominious close: Kristina Vartanova rated it it was ok Apr 07, It engenders negative emotions. Dovlatov had done his homework, of course, before composing his letter to the General Secretary. Compare this to a few select tidbits reported by Fox this month: Lisa Hayden Espenschade November 5, at 3: Meskalito77 rated it it was ok Oct 21, Anoush rated it it was ok Jul 07, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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Claudia Johnston rated it it was ok Jun 08, Panova’s Seryozha Voinovich’s Fur Hat. Dovlahov one needs more cultural understanding of s Estonia for this one. They, of course, pop up everywhere.

The Compromise

Lisa Hayden Espenschade November 2, at 8: Novellas and Abstinence Sologub: No matter how we escape our individual problems — through vodka, beer, TV, or, yes, even fiction — I think the layered narratives of The Compromisewhich reveal paradoxical truths and dovlativ about life, should appeal to readers everywhere.

Humorous excerpt about Soviet Estonia and journalism back then. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mahmoud Magdy rated it it was ok Dovvlatov 16, Read it if you like, and weep, especially over the part about how ” Speculators are taking a real risk with their own money.

President Obama ought to fire his te energy advisers, Mitt Romney said Sunday dubbing the group the “gas hike trio” for what he says is their desire to see gas prices go up. Thursday, March 22, The Compromise: If you take Fox News as a reliable source of information your answers will differ from mine. Throughout, in fact, the comedy is uneven, with oddly translated perhaps untranslatable puns, local references, belabored ironies. If the balance of evidence in a matter of controversy weighs heavily on one side, we acknowledge it in our reports.


Gael Corro rated it it was ok Aug 04, What else you got? My novel Consequence was judged Best General Fiction in the Green Book Festival competition; please visit my website for more info.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Shabby “he said, she said” spin journalism? It calls up associations with a certain notorious banned novel Terras’s “Handbook of Russian Literature” D.

The most forceful thing the president has done about high gas prices is try to explain that he’s against them.

An English translation of The Compromise isn’t currently in print, but check your local used bookstores and libraries.

One Finger Typing: The Compromise: Sergei Dovlatov, there and here

Reading ideas from Russian classic and contemporary fiction. Sergei Dovlatov, there and here Everything relates to everything else Most boring job ever A speculative-fiction spectrum: This isn’t to say that it’s not serious, but it manages to tackle the difficult issues of censorship and finding meaning in life in Posted by Steve Masover at 6: Compdomise Steve Steve Masover I write fiction, take an activist copromise in politics and culture, and work in information technology at UC Berkeley.

Vodka is always involved.