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Dr. Fu-Kiau Bunseki is a master teacher on African Spiritual Systems, particularly those coming out of the Kongo. He is also a lifetime friend of the. Fu-Kiau Bunseki was Born in Minianga, Democratic Republic of Congo and holds degrees in the Cultural Anthropology (B.A.), School Administration (), . Feb 18, Dr. K. Bunseki Fu-Kiau is one of the most distinguished and insightful scholars of African culture. Born in Manianga, Congo, he was educated in.

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We argue, therefore, that Atum and Amun are variants of each other; probably introduced from different related cultural groups into the main Egyptian pantheon. Proto-Bantu reconstructions are given as follows from the BLR3 database: Let the Ancestors Speak: Much more could be said about the god Imn in Egypt, but space will not allow us to go into much depth here.

The similarities in culture and language intrigued him so much that he was convinced of a relation. We suggested earlier a possible correlation between jtm and jmn; both ultimately deriving from the same linguistic sources and being variants of the same conceptual reality.

Society of Biblical Literature. All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: Africans and the Word – Continental and Diaspora Bringing 1 I would like to give a heartfelt and special thanks to Dr.

It is also the ability to allow the wealth of that living seed-energy to flow and circulate in our body to bless, heal, protect and transform it. Bantu cultures became the ground by which certain obscure concepts in Egypt could possibly be explained.

The Hedge Mason: Memorial for Tata Bunseki Fu-Kiau

You are very much appreciated. We suggest here that Dr.fu-kiu is associated with storms, and more specifically, storms caused by volcanic eruptions. It might be said that the Egyptian gods are very close to what we today would consider scientific theories that are continually refined, the way Newtonian physics moves toward quantum physics.


A Year Love Story. It is the unseen, the limitless power beyond 8 Dr. Within the concepts of relativity is the notion that space and time should be considered together and in relation to each other. The more I looked into the culture of Bantu speakers in general, the more and more ancient Egyptian philosophy began to make sense. Bantu languages provide a confirmatory achievement from dr.fu-kia is known in the Egyptoglogical records and offers an explanatory achievement for what is not known in Egyptian studies regarding the conceptualization and application of the God Imn.

Let us agree the god who responds with fire is the God. The Book of the Kings of Egypt: This is possible because of the deep cultural dr.fu-koau of Africa as demonstrated by the likes of HomburgerDiop,Bunsek, Oduyoye, Bilolo, LamCampbell-Dunn a, b, a, b and others. He appreciates seeing his people do the same because his people’s eyes are his eyes; his people’s ears are his ears; his people’s mouths are his mouth as well.

After many years of study, I was able to make more definitive connections based on sound linguistics. The Civilization of Africa: University Press of America, Inc. Help Center Find new research papers dr.fu-iau We also have the following reflexes in ciLuba Bilolo, Inaugural speech, Leiden University Leiden: As I am still processing his transition, my thoughts swiftly begins de.fu-kiau strewn works for which I must begin to tie — bit by bit, honoring every breath, I accept the pact made so long ago.

The ciLuba language supports this interpretation as well as the following table demonstrates.

Dr. Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau

In comparison to the god Imn, whom the ram was also a sacred association, the word mnmn. The D35 glyph has the consonant values of n, smx and xm. At the gate, Dr. University of California Press: Kimpasi teaches youth, both male and female, how to endure in impossible situations, how to become moral fighters for the community. If he would have examined the inner African languages, he would have not made this baseless claim.


The 33 The -t suffix in xnm. The Star of Deep Beginnings: Hebrew in its West Semitic Setting: Compare this concept to the Kikongo word fula, for which MacGaffey notes is in association with the bellows in iron production. Jahi Issa and Salim Faraji: The sign is of a rectangular base with several vertical projectiles rising from the foundation.

Therefore, the connection with xnm. As it regards the actions of the hand, ciLuba has the devoiced variant -pya “grasp, grip, hold on to”; -pyekela “seize, take. One could compare this living energy to the Laws of Conservation in the realm of physics. To study language is the most important process of learning the art of coding and decoding social systems of human societ[ies] in the world [kinkete kia kanga ye kutula makolo ma fu bia kimvuka kia muntu mu nza].

Renaissance of the Negro-African Theology: It should be noted that Chukwu is also represented by the sun. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It is to be. It is used among the Igbo of Nigeria as a conceptual extension to the name of the Divine Chukwu.

One moment with my Teacher Dr.

The Greek writer Plutarch quotes the Egyptian chronicler Manetho who states that the name Imn means “that which is concealed” or “invisible.

Click here to sign up. He is important because he notes a particular sound correspondence in Semitic that is instructive for us here.