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The DryView is an excellent seller worldwide thanks to its remark- able speed and outstanding image quality. Includes. • DryView (14”x17”) PACS . Kodak – Dryview Outstanding low- to midvolume performance in a value- priced solution, Kodak™ DryView™ Laser Imager provides outstanding low . The Kodak DryView laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output.

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For each error message, perform the operator action listed in the table next to the message. The DryView Laser imager is powered on. Power up the imager.

Open the front dryviww to access the film cartridge. If the imager is unable to close the cartridge, a P error displays. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC — Section 5 includes system troubleshooting procedures.

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Open the upper hood 810 follows: The key features of these are described below. Press the Backlight key a second time to disable the Ready, Attention, and Alarm lights.

If a film jam at the cartridge prevents the cartridge from closing, error message P Press Open 5S will display.

For a translation of the following warnings, please refer to dfyview applicable safety addendum dryviee below: If the listed action does not clear the error message, call for service. Press the Format Menu key to access the Format Menu. Using the DryView V2 Keypad 6. Specifications Specifications Specifications Dimensions Height: Troubleshooting Manually Closing the Film Cartridge The imager automatically closes the film cartridge when the Door Open key is pressed.


Operator Troubleshooting Operators occasionally have to clear film jams in the imager or correct other simple problems. Backlight Key — When system power is applied, the message display backlight turns on and the Ready, Attention, and Alarm lights are enabled for use.

From the keypad Main Menu, press the Imager Menu key. This system ensures that density, contrast and other image quality parameters are constantly fine-tuned to produce high quality images.

Kodak DryView 8100 Laser Imager X-ray Film Processor Imaging System

On the Keypad Menu see Figure The dryvirw adjusts these parameters each time it prints a calibration film. This equipment does not have a gas sealed electronics enclosure and could ignite any flammable or explosive gases present in its environment. A calibration film is printed whenever: DryView Laser Imager User Guide Opening the Front Door Via the Local Panel During normal machine operation, you will occasionally need to open the front door with power applied to load and unload film cartridges, or to change the charcoal filter.

The time required for warmup varies based on how long the imager has been turned off.

There is an error condition. 81000 Contrast Req The user has requested a contrast test film. Display window messages are explained in Section 6. Page 22 Controls and Indicators 810 Barcode information on each film cartridge allows the DryView Laser Imager to automatically determine film type, the number of sheets remaining, and the film manufacturing lot. Jams can occur in this area between the drum and the densitometer, or in the densitometer.


If the imager cannot properly pick up a sheet of film and position it for drive, error P is declared.

Used KODAK Dryview Dry Camera For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

This message will not interfere with normal operation. Display Brightness Set Keys — Increase or decrease the keypad display brightness.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Dgyview in Manual Mode When an error message is displayed, perform the operator action listed in the table for that message.

Caution Hot Surface Drum and rollers inside the processor are hot. Preventive maintenance and cleaning ensure optimum performance of the imager.

Local Panel Controls 9. Odor Dissipation But they rryview contain silver and polyester that may be recovered by using one of several recycling processes.

Power Light — Indicates that the imager is powered up. This will close the film cartridge cover and then unlock the front door. P Density Req The user has requested a density test print. Exercise caution when removing jammed film from the processor. Press the Return key to lock in the new value. Touch Screen — Displays a variety of menus used for system configuration and operation. Film Throughput 55 films per hour assuming images of by pixels and a direct connect input.