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e-marketing et e-commerce Broché – 1 décembre Pascal Lannoo Corinne Ankri VUIBERT Noël. Pascal Lannoo et Corinne Ankri sont consultants en e-commerce, e- merchandising et e-marketing, thématiques pour lesquelles ils interviennent en France et à. E-marketing et e-commerce (Book): Lannoo, Pascal. Lannoo, Pascal. Book – | French | 3e éd. ill. ; 24 cm. Additional Contributors: Ankri, Corinne.

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With the huge storage capacities of the Internet, it now allows firms to put all kinds of media documents such as photos and videos online as well as interacting with the consumer which is impossible with traditional marketing means.

In addition, another type of media was a great help: Firstly, the role of marketing1 is to establish the link between a brand, product and client for commercial purposes. After analysing some pages on Facebook I realised that in order to attract internet users, brands interact with users publishing information easy to comment to make them want to join the discussion to dialogue together around the brand and make them fancy to buy something.

In this part we will take again each model imagined in the e-commrece part to evaluate e-mmarketing they are feasible and beneficial to clothing brands. Boudet, MLes 3 Suisses proposent un maillot de bain.

The books are accessible and available for all students who need it. Here are the background research I ve done so far: To achieve this business purpose the bloggers not hesitate to achieve this.

Thus, by creating a site on internet using webcam to scan the size of the users, this can attract new consumers who can not find clothes in stores. Thus, e-marketjng on all the elements mentioned, the objective of a clothing brand working in collaboration with a blogger will elaborate a staging of the product to highlight it in order to generate the purchase to consumers.

E-marketing et e-commerce

All these elements will increase the number of sales to the brand who will embrace this new model. Wikipedia so I had to make sure the sites visited are reliable.


This new model will take the e-ocmmerce of a website creatable that will be adaptable to computers, smartphones and tablets thanks to different CSS pages which allow consumer to have access to the forum of the brand on any kind of medium. Of course, this is not the only way to attract customers because we also find original events on Facebook like some flash mob for a brand, which can create a buzz on internet and attract many participants on the D-Day including future customers of the brand.

At the end, I would like to compile informations on trademarks mentioned as it will be a little more complicated.

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Thus, a company seeking sustainability and growth cannot afford to give up the presence of web. Besides using the videos, putting up pictures of famous celebrities will also increase the desire of targeted customers because it: With this new means of new age marketing, clothing businesses may have customers around the globe because there is no longer geographical limitation.

With this, as you can see in the picture a photo application is installed on the website. Explanation of the fitting room in 3D through pictures: Despite the idea is good, this new model is impractical because not only it would require each user to have a web camera at home but it would be also an handicap for the brands who produce in chain stores.

Calaméo – Sonia Ziane

The benefits of e-marketing,p. Finally, the last new model is using a simple webcam which will attract customers around the world to want to know and use the brand more because e-commeece is a new technology and it can help consumers obtain their own customize clothing.

Touch the garment that you want to try. Finally, it is also on internet e-marketinb the disadvantages of the e-marketing appeared to me, such as the advertising that may cause a bad buzz and have negative repercussions in a brand.

Today, her blog has attracted 50, visitors per month, which is an estimation of per day that is why more brands looks for this young blogger to blog about them lannko allow their brand to engage in a wider audience. Presentation of the E-marketing 2. Myriam Mallet Date of submission: Benefits of the E-marketing for the ready to wear industry: This e-commerce has revolutionised the lives of consumers who spends most of their time by directly purchasing online.


However, the implementation of this model seems difficult to ee-commerce because it would find a system that the user can initially select garments virtually but also that the virtual garment can follow the movements of the user.

However, in real life, when a first date takes place people want to make a good impression to the other and this also means have a dress code that looks tidy. Thus, for all those reasons mentioned above, firms in the ready to wear industry understood that uses E-marketing e-markteing can attract more customers.

Thus, a brand can have global reach and all thanks to its presence on the internet pasfal as e-shop and social networks, which allows firms to find new market without having to survey places in a particular country. To finish, this eg was a beneficial work for me because it assures the idea that I have to continue my studies in marketing in order for the future to elaborate the marketing strategy of e-maarketing company to attract the maximum customer as possible thanks to the marketing and the support of communication.

Today many brands have taken over the web. Analyses of all information gathered previously were allowed to develop a plan logically structured with important points of analysis of E-marketing illustrated from examples towards the ready to wear industry.

All the blog sites mentioned above are pasdal accessible and it allows each user to share topics through text and visuals without having some skills about computer. Thus, the ready to wear industry sees the extent of this occurrence that is why there are many firms who are starting to use social networks widely.