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Find out everything about EAMCET important chapters Find out the EAMCET important chapters for Physics and Chemistry and score Kinematics: Average Speed = $latex \frac{Totaldistancetraveled}{Total time taken}$ If the body covers 1st half of distance with a speed x and. followed for scoring maximum marks in Physics subject in EAMCET? the assignments related to the concepts and formulas of the chapter.

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Try to classify the types of errors. Try to overcome the week points in the weaker areas. Prepare a schedule according to toughest to most easiest. Concentrate on difficult areas in the easiest topics you feel, to have a command on these topics.

Our physics fromulas list is aimed at helping you out in solving problems. Do not leave any topic. Physics is the most fundamental of all sciences. Students have to analyze themselves by carefully reading the questions like what physical quantity has given and what physical quantity has to be physocs and what formula has to be used.

Solving the problems and examples given in the back pages of academic books are useful. Write detailed comment, relevant to the topic. Torque Torque can be defined as moment of force.

ยป EAMCET Physics Topic-wise Formulae Quick Reviews

So learn all these important questions to get good marks in the public examinations. Motion in a Plane: Two wires of same material have lengths in the ratio 2: Force is given by the celebrated newton’s law of motion: Students have to read the brief notes of a chapter and have to solve the assignments related to the concepts and formulas of the chapter, allow them to achieve a firm grip on the subject.


The basic principles of physics explain almost all the natural phenomenons that we come across everyday. I would say that there is a fromulas more to ascertain than just remember and mug up the physics formulas. Identity the quantities have same dimensional formulae Work out few models on physsics principle of homogeneity and uses of D. This is a strictly moderated site. Being the most popular educational website in India, we believe in providing quality content to our readers.

The formula for formula is: Give equal importance for both first and second year topics. If you understand the physical concepts underlying those formulas, deriving them or remembering them is easy.

As this lesson is very easy, hence students can score marks easily.

Even though the answer is there in the given 4 options due to above mistakes students fails to identify the correct answer, hence they have to be careful from the beginning of the exam.

Mechanics deals with all kinds and complexities of motion.

Preparation tips for scoring more marks in Physics subject in EAMCET

Be thorough with topics like Thermal properties of matter, Nuclei, Thermodynamics, and Kinetic Theory of gasses which are also useful for Chemistry. Practice this chapter thoroughly as this is linked with many other topics in physics. Different Types of Microscopes. Go through academy text book for theory questions, especially topics like Physical Physicx, Nuclei etc.

Quick Review

Important questions for first year intermediate Physics examination in Andhra Pradesh Physics is one of the difficult subjects but by practicing regularly we can score good marks in this subject. Top Contributors Today Sankalan Bhatt Coefficient of static friction is defined as the ratio of applied tangential force F which can induce sliding, to the normal force between surfaces in contact with each other.

Allocate 1hr to 1hr 15min in the exam to get respectable marks in physics. Notify me by email when others post comments to this article. Be confident on your preparation. The strike of a hammer is an impulse. Study physics and look at it as an opportunity to appreciate the underlying beauty of nature, expressed through natural laws.


Dimensional formulae of many physical quantities depend on Speed, Acceleration, Force, Pressure and Work. Students have to gather the knowledge of Work in various occasions; it will become easy to read the remaining chapter.

BiPC students should learn few fundamental formulae related to mathematics. Try to understand what a formula says and means, and what physical relation it expounds. Physics help is provided here in the form of fogmulas to use formulas. Students have to concentrate forrmulas on forces acting on electric conductors in electromagnetism chapter. Dynamic friction is also characterized by the same coefficient of friction as static friction and therefore formula for calculating coefficient of dynamic friction is also the same as above.

It is also one of the toughest sciences to master. Develop the concepts of velocity, acceleration, relative velocity, etc. Uses of Radioactive Isotopes. No HTML formatting and links to other web sites are allowed. They lose marks in physics not because of its difficultiness, but due to their psychology. Work out few problems on time concepts of s-t, v-t, at graphs. Hence, instead of working for kinematics for days together for one question, it is eamcrt to eamceh for a few hours on chapters like Gravitation or Fluids which also carries one question each.