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Ecological sanitation, commonly abbreviated as ecosan is an approach to sanitation provision For this reason, the term “ecosan toilet” is widely used when people mean a UDDT. However, the ecosan concept should not be limited to one. Introduction: The ECOSAN Toilet is a waterless, dehydration / evaporation system that provides a safe, non-polluting and cost effective solution for areas where. The technical manual for constructing EcoSan toilet was a team effort. We want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all the people who made.

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Technical information including a diagram of a typical in-home toilet installation. But it can just as well be done locally at low cost using simple local materials. Facilitating access to water Reducing the cost of water Sanitation tolets preservation Awareness efforts on hygiene and health Organising and Managing.

Stay informed about the activities of SuSanA and its partners. European cities were rapidly urbanizing and sanitation was becoming an increasingly serious problem, whilst at the same time the cities themselves were becoming an increasingly important source of agricultural nutrients.

Click on JoJo Tanks logo to visit their web site. Click on a working group to the right to find out more about its work or to join it. Exemple of realizations done using this sheet’ Be the first to write a work that you were able to do using these techniques. We are hosting content from some other communities of practice and information-sharing portals. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ecological sanitation.

Ecological sanitation

tollets They used urine diverting dry toilets UDDTs coupled with reuse activities. Click on the image below to visit their web site. It is a more advanced ecological variant of composting latrines see Fact Sheet A9 and only differs in that it has a system for separating faeces and urine. See pages 49 to 72 and 84 to in particular.

Please see here for more explanations. The Chinese were aware of toiles benefits of using excreta in crop production more than years ago, enabling them to sustain more people at a higher density than any other system of agriculture. But if you tick two filters for two different parameters then this is treated as an “and” search, i. Available in french and english at: For this reason, the term “ecosan toilet” is widely used when people mean a UDDT.


Another aspect that ecosan systems are trying to address is the possible upcoming shortage of phosphorus. The challenges of urban ecological sanitation: Since aboutthe two opposing sides have slowly found ways of dealing with each other, and the formation of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance in that year has further helped to provide a space for all sanitation actors to meet and push into the same direction of sustainable sanitation.

Ecosan systems can be “unsustainable” for example if there is too little user exosan or if the costs of the system are too high for a given target group of users, making the system financially unsustainable in the longer term. Sustainability accounting Sustainability measurement Sustainability metrics and indices Sustainability reporting Standards and certification Sustainable yield. Thus ecosan is not, per se, sustainable sanitation, but ecosan systems can be implemented in a sustainable way and have a strong potential for sustainable sanitation, if technical, institutional, social and economical aspects are cared for appropriately.

Farmers, recognizing the value of excreta, were eager to get these fertilizers to increase production and urban sanitation benefited. Uno Winblad, Mayling Ecological sanitationcommonly abbreviated as ecosan also spelled eco-san or EcoSanis an approach to sanitation provision which aims to safely reuse excreta in agriculture.

Document available, on line at: As for other types of latrine see Fact Sheet A5 “Latrines-General points” one or two pits are required but in this case above ground and with a smaller volume filling time often less than a yearwhich accounts for their commonly being referred to as compartments, which makes it easier to empty them and toilts the pollution of ground water. Thus, the recycled human excreta product, in solid or liquid form, shall be of high quality both concerning pathogens and all kind of hazardous chemical components.

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The World Health Organization WHO considers that the urine of ecosa individuals is virtually ttoilets of pathogens, and can normally be used as fertiliser after a month, but as it can be contaminated on exiting from the body or by coming into contact with faeces, it is best to consider it danger free after 6 monthsa time which should be observed if it is used for crops other than family crops.


The capital cost required for water bourne sanitation is prohibitive in most of the cases. In the ecosan concept, human excreta and wastewater is regarded as a potential resource toielts which is why it has also been called “resource oriented sanitation”. The statement in the definition of ecosan to “safely recycle” includes hygienic, microbial and chemical aspects. Retrieved 13 July How is it used?

Using the EcoSan toilet – Resources • SuSanA

Compost is a healthy, stabilised product, all pathogens having been destroyedand the nutrients it contains can be directly assimilated by plants.

Reuse trials in Zimbabwe showed positive results for toiletw urine on green, leafy plants such as spinach or maize as well as fruit trees. Collecting effluents Draining effluents Treating effluents Designing a project. It has conclusively been proven that nitrate loaded effluent ecsan pit latrines is directly responsible for widespread contamination of valuable groundwater resources.

Contact us if you have ideas on how your website or sub-sections of it could be integrated into the SuSanA website: One of the aims is to minimise the use of non-renewable resources.

Shit flow diagrams SFDs help to visualize excreta management in urban settings. The initial excitement in the early s by the ecosan pioneers has changed into a realization that changing attitudes and behaviours in sanitation takes a lot of patience. These materials have been kindly provided by SuSanA partners.

During the s, when the term ecosan was something new, discussions were heated and confrontational. Ecological toilets – Start simple and upgrade from arborloo to VIP.