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Self-Climbing Formwork Systems. POWER TOWER® Formwork». Heavy Duty Column Formwork. COVER – PLATE GIRDER- NO FEATURES &. 80+ Years of Formwork Game Changers . EFCO’S CONTINUOUS.

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Decking and shoring system – Made with engineered efficiency, simple mechanics, and amazing flexibility. This article does not cite any sources. It is designed to be used both in handset and in gang forming situations. Zachry will perform pre-construction services and eventually oversee all construction activities. Des MoinesIowaUnited States. Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles lacking sources from February All articles lacking sources.

Drop Head Shoring System Shoring for elevated poured-in-place concrete slab construction.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. EFCO is known worldwide for high quality and innovative products and engineered solutions for concrete forming and shoring construction projects.

This provides a lightweight and durable system that requires little or no clean-up between uses. Heavy-duty, self-spanning forming system Ideal for bridge, stadium, marine, power plant, and rfco concrete construction. The PRO 4 system is different from other shoring systems. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

80+ Years of Formwork Game Changers

Views Read Edit View history. The complete lightweight forming system – Reduce your crane size and costs while increasing productivity. What you see here are some of the EFCO products unmatched in the forming and shoring industry. A tight timeline to deliver the parking garage prior to the construction of the office building meant that EFCO needed to design, engineer and deliver in short order.


What we have been focused on going forward are the major attributes dormwork business processes that have delivered positive game changers for EFCO and the construction industry, resulting in our growing business successes. We invite you to discover the features and benefits of PT, the new self-climbing system for highrise building cores. We have built it all with a foundation of engineering professionals. Heavy-duty adjustable radius forming feco – Can adjust to any radius without additional pieces, parts or angles.

Of course we are very grateful for what we have, but just how has it all happened?

Products – EFCO Corp.

Road bridges are getting longer, wider, and heavier. Custom GRS shoes were designed with a bevel to allow the outer frames to be parallel to the center frame that was using the standard GRS shoe. EFCO field supervisors provide job site assistance with formwork assembly and cycling, using the EFCO drawings, and they assist with the development of methods and procedures to promote safety and productivity. Yes, EFCO is the formwork and shoring supplier a lot of construction companies want to partner with and they do.

EFCO continues to deliver the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs. We are on the move with more real game changers. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Handset Concrete Forming System Versatile, lightweight, easy to use concrete form for concrete construction. Forms were then rolled forward in reverse order. This construction is being supported with stronger available concrete and stronger reinforcing steel, all weighing more. In addition, EFCO Combination Bias Corners and Reverse Bias Corners were installed between gangs and oriented so every other gang could be rolled back for cleaning first, then the other gangs could be rolled back immediately after.


Average is just not good enough. In addition to EFCO products, application engineering is presented with forming and shoring erection drawings and jobsite field service.

EFCO has been and will continue to be the leader in developing the innovations which have driven advancement in the concrete forming and construction industry. Jennings, serving as the chairman and CEO of the organization. In use on construction sites all over the world, cost conscious contractors are quickly realizing the benefits of this forming system and its best value and lowest in-place concrete cost features and benefits.

Subscribe to our Channel Today! In a free market economy like we have in the U. Used on a variety of applications including hotels, office and apartment buildings, industrial and treatment plants as well as power plants, condominium and high-rise buildings, HAND-E-SHORE provides an efficient, handset decking and shoring system that maximizes productivity.

Other shoring systems are designed first as handset systems and, in some situations, can be ganged.

Modular, Lightweight Shoring Designed to support concrete slabs, beams and roof systems. Considering everything, EFCO has the best products and services, has a proven track record, and is the company you want to do business with. The proven products are the best in the business and pictured below.