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Read a free sample or buy Her Ladyship’s Companion by Evangeline Collins. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad. 9 results for Books: “Evangeline Collins” By Evangeline Collins Seven Nights to Forever (Original). 16 Dec El acompañante. 1 Jul Catherine Spencer – Pasión En El Caribe · Karen Van Der Zee – Un Tornado En Su Corazón · Kate Hewitt – Secuestrada Por El Jeque · Maureen Child – Padre A .

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Evangeline Collins

Well, kinda ironic since they both go side-by-side. Now he knew why he was here. Jul 03, Megan added it Shelves: She had something which very few probably did. There were some things that didn’t hold up completely for me.

El hecho de que haya escogido a Jazzy Cates, su nueva asistente y natural de Thunder Canyon, ha desatado los rumores. The crazed husband visits her infrequently throughout the year and leaves her at their country home. First of all her brother was a jerk and then he marries her off to a even bigger jerk.

To the point I wished her French cousin Esme would be the heroine instead. Gosh, this was an effort for me. Then Gideon was back and Phillip gives him the permission to take care of Bella while he takes care of Stirling. She also seems hypersexual. They were having a great time together but so far, no sex. God, I just wanted to hold him tight to my ample bosom. It is the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time.


The hero is a good guy. What marred my fun was- though I knew that Bella was already weak both physically and emotionally towards Gideon, not knowing much about him at that point I thought he was kinda distant, his every move calculated. Cuando el chocolate no es suficiente.

He never loses control. He knows almost instinctively what she needs, and most importantly when to enforce the boundaries evwngeline their relationship.

I found this book on my friend Kat’s list Maybe it’s just me, or maybe the person in charge of the cover actually read the book. Afompaante mother was a whore, he never knew his father.

She blames herself for her arranged marriage, for her family’s precarious financial situation and even for the fact that she is ostracized by her brothers. He behaves like a jerk with Bella and God, knowing her plight in life, my heart was breaking for her.

But they did corresponded with her whenever they could. I have a hard time completing novels these days and I whipped through this in a day. It follins a lot to wow me anyway. So, I had to tell you first where Bella stood when it all started. But in all honesty, the awesome review is heartfelt. She fell, quite hard, for Gideon.


Corazones en primera plana. The sun acompante low on the horizon, streaking magenta across a sky that faded to deepest midnight. Likewise, I can’t actually remember hearing about marital abuse in an HR. Jun 28, Tammy Walton Grant rated it it was amazing Shelves: JuliaRachel Lee.

Los placeres del pecado. El acompañante by Evangeline Collins on Apple Books

Gideon, I adore, he never pushed, never assumed and most of all never acted like an alpha male jackass I have grow to dislike. Her Ladyship’s Companion suffered in comparison to Seven Nights to Foreverwhich I read first a year ago and thought w After an interrupted dalliance with a stableboy, Bella is shoved into a lonely, loveless, abusive marriage and lives an isolated life in Scotland away from her family. A debut novel of erotic intensity set in the Regency era. Gideon seemed a little bland to me.

Then the money was waaay more than what was required. I loved the writing. I was a bit surprised by one scene near the end involving something the hero did to the heroine. He gives away almost all the money he saved, a small fortune, to buy his freedom.