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El designio del ángel has ratings and reviews. Mizuki said: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, is one of the most cliched, over-ranted YA books I’d. About El designio del ángel. by Cynthia Hand (Goodreads Author). Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El designio del ángel, please sign up. Por fin me topo con un personaje adolescente y sobrenatural que tiene los pies puestos sobre la tierra y que además, se comporta más como Ángel que como.

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Look I enjoyed this book.

Load 5 more questions. The book has become dragging to me. She’s like a moderately aware teenager, with a huge ego and vanity the size of Jupiter and super powers. I think it became less problematic as the novel progressed, but it was glaringly obvious — and casted Clara into a petulant light actually — for the first half of the story. The genuineness of personality of the characters in the book was too weak for hsnd to consider.

El designio del ángel by Cynthia Hand (1 star ratings)

In this format, we’re theoretically seeing Clara’s thoughts as they come, and it makes no sense for her to constantly be thinking back on her life before the story when it’s relevant to the reader. I’m told angels become much more relevant later, of course, but they need to be relevant right away. Because she says it. Clara was a freaking perfect angel! The book is in first-person present tense.

I’m here, still frowning and kind of annoyed. I’ve read and reread it several times.

As in, she is an angel therefore she is literally perfect. With that, I am off to hide under my impenetrable fort – let the boulder-throwing begin! The same goes for the angels in this book. Want to Designuo Currently Reading Read. The characters weren’t flawless, which made me like them. They’re constantly brought up, but other than the sub-plot with Angela, designjo story wouldn’t be much different if it was just about humans.


My old cinder-block school in California seems like a prison in comparison.

View all 9 comments. A short, wiry-thin woman with long, black hair peers up at me.

El Designio del Angel : Cynthia Hand :

How do these books get published and even become popular? Unearthly is one of those books. The novel moves very quickly at important parts and then ange slowly at parts where it probably could have quickened story line of the novel. While Tucker is a complete gentleman, Christian is cyntnia total jerk. Even though Anegl read this book very recently, I can’t remember anything remarkable abo Unearthly is the first book of a trilogy I think.

Kick in a fallen angel or two, a mother that knows more than she lets on, a holy purpose, and we have our plot. It’s not like a story where those questions exist but you know the cynthiz has it covered. What kind of crap ending was that??! Thankfully, a fellow reader spoke up on behalf of this rarity amongst YA paranormal romance, beseeching me to spare my corneas, promising me that the story does in fact begin to not suck.

Even though I read this book very recently, I can’t remember anything remarkable about the plot, writing or characters. I do feel that it could be entertaining for some people that like that sort of contrast but personally this novel wasn’t for me. Who do you like more Christian or Tucker?


El designio del ángel

Books by Cynthia Hand. I simply don’t care for the characters enough and while some readers claim the sequel is better, most lowered their ratings ever-so-slightly, which means I will probably wind up giving Hallowed One Star. I, however, was disappointed and extremely unimpressed by this one. The way Tucker handled dezignio truth was so unreal.

This is a book about Clara who is a quarter angel blood who finds out what her Purpose is. Scrolling throw the reviews, you’ll see reader after reader professing how much better this was than any other YA angel book there is. A medida que Nora se sumerge en el hanc de su muerte, comienza a sospechar que fesignio sangre nefilim puede estar relacionada con el asunto. Lux Series by Jennifer L.

For example that Clara had desigmio take flying lessons. If you need a Twilight fix, this book is for you. I get it, I’m nitpicky, but my reasoning is that there is no indication that these questions have answers or will be answered.

I would totally love it. Clara is a snobby character that immediately got on my nerve. Product of activated hormone.

The visions offered no intrigue for me what-so-ever. I tended to find myself skipping over sections hqnd the novel just to finish it quicker — all in the hope of getting to a part that I would enjoy more but, sadly, this never happened. Equally predictable is what will happen in Books Two and Three.