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El Idiota by Fiodor Dostoievski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. El idiota: Biblioteca de Grandes Escritores (Spanish Edition) eBook: FiĆ³dor Dostoievski: : Kindle Store. Get this from a library! El Idiota. [Fiodor Dostoievski; Gloria Martinengo].

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The title is an ironic reference to the central character of the novel, Prince Knyaz Lev Nikolaevich Myshkin, a young man whose goodness and open-hearted simplicity lead many of the more worldly characters he encounters to mistakenly assume that he lacks intelligence and insight.

It can be baggy, chaotic, digressive but the best bits are simply brilliant and overall I riodor it a tremendously edifying read. Aug 03, William2 rated it it was ok Shelves: I enjoyed it mainly because I love Dostoevsky’s sensibility.

By the time of The Brothers KaramazovEe was recognized in his own country as one of its dosfoievski writers. And he goes just like a lamb to the slaughter. Es probable que la ingenuidad de esta frase encierre la naturaleza de su fracaso.

Myshkin wants to passively enjoy his privileged status.

Grayling, is “one of the most excoriating, compelling and remarkable books ever written; and without question one of the greatest. My sole problem is the character of Myshkin.

El idiota / The Idiot by Fiodor M. Dostoievski | : Books

Are there countries in the world which are more likely to produce depressing literature than others? The only thing I dislike about Dostoyevsky and the one reason why I’m not giving The Idiot five stars is his tendency to go off on tangents just when something exciting is about to happen. My sole problem is the character of If Raskolnikov was the charismatic murderer whose side I took despite myself when he killed an old woman out of greed and broke down psychologically afterwards, Prince Myshkin is the supposedly good, childlike Christ figure whom I failed to like at all.


But I will give him a pass on that one, knowing the historical framework in which it was uttered. He is supposed to be a nearly perfect man, the very picture of benevolence and kindness.

In The Idiotthat good man is Prince Lyov Nikolayevitch Myshkin, who has spent most of his life in a Swiss hospital because of his epileptic fits, and now returns to the country of his youth. Some might call it Christian meekness.

This book disappointed me. With difficulties, servants are such doubters and have good reason dee be, Myshkin finally gets in the house’s family quarters. When she says she wants to become an educator, to DO something, she shows the spirit of future entrepreneurship, including women in active life. I can only think of a few in which things end well fiodod even a few of the protagonists.

Because Russia, to which Dostoyevsky devotes some choice paragraphs, is too jaded for people like fiodoor — too corrupt and too, well, Russian.

I started reading this novel last year. As for the book at hand, it’s a book about society — dostoiveski specifically, about a modern society that is so corrupt and materialistic that a good man simply cannot survive in it.

The negative depiction of Filippovna in The Idiot was crucial to the story. There are so many plots and subplots, boatloads of characters with incredibly long names, complex motivations, and dialogue that is sometimes interminable.

The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Thus while people under-rate him in beginning; soon they all end up respecting him – in a way. To me, this was Dostoevsky’s sad, but hopeful parabolic answer. Myshkin is in this sense a Russian Don Quixote. And I like that. He moved on hastily, as though anxious to get out of the house.


View all 5 comments. Yet these citizens have no real ones, themselves In The Idiothe relates the events of an evening, tells us that the hero will have a secret and obviously important meeting with the girl he loves in the morning, and then, rather than relating the events of the next morning in the next chapter, proceeds to spend four chapters some sixty pages altogether telling the reader what happens at the Prince’s house late at night, none of which has anything to do with the upcoming meeting with the girl.

A man who always put others before his own happiness.

His innocence causes me discomfort. But Myshkin is not a fool in that respect, just a passively condescending man. In short, The Idiot is a book full of histrionics, but I love it, because for one thing, there’s something grand about all those huge emotions, and for another, Dostoyevsky is such a good writer that he gets away with making his characters behave like Greek gods.

El idiota / The Idiot

Yet these shining fiocor were overshadowed by the many pages of tedium. Rogozhin, a young man who can’t control his emotions, very unstable, just inheriting a vast fortune, eager to show the whole city, it. One of my friends is a big fan of Dostoyevsky, and he says this book is his favorite.

The “Idiot”, has proposed marriage, to both of his loves! He was a polite and amiable fellow, sure.