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ORIGEN DEL SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI. Heinz Dieterich Steffan. es un sociólogo y analista político alemán, residente en México. HEINZ DIETERICH STEFFAN SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI BASES DEL MODELO El desarrollismo democrático regional. La economía de. 20 Chávez apparently borrowed this term from German sociologist Heinz Dieterich Steffan (see Hugo Chávez; El socialismo del siglo XXI), although the term.

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El socialismo del siglo XXI – Heinz Dieterich Steffan – Google Books

The future of radical policies in socialksmo he summarizes the main aspects of the twenty-first century socialism in six key points:. For Laserna in the government of Evo Morales three trends exist: In order to comply with the main purpose, the first part of the document provides an overview of some concepts developed by the theory of XXI century socialism and some factors that differentiate it from the heinzz that was developed in Eastern Europe in the second half of the twentieth century.

Do we have freedom? On the zocialismo hand, Ecuador under the strongman regime of Rafael Correa has achieved robust economic performance but has worn in a constant dispute with the media dietefich.

The main features of the Kirchnerista ideology can be summarized in the following points:. The Bolivarian Republic and its Oil Populism. However, Chavez and Maduro, are not true socialists or communistsbut despots that will not stop in their objective to subjugate the Venezuelan people through the eradication of the freedom of expression, free enterprise and the right to private property, and on the concentration of all the civil power and economic power in the dieterrich of the President forever he.

The fall of the socialist regimes in Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Union raised an important effort to communities of academics, intellectuals, parties and progressive groups around the world to redefine the positions of the left, distinct from the undemocratic aspects which prevailed in the eastern regions of Europe during the second half of the twentieth century Magallanes, At least not a true freedom, but the one that comes from the whims of a regime that allows us to breathe because it is vital, but not because it is a government of laws Ball,p.

Beyond the infrastructure and public investment -that any government with economic resources could also perform- the administration of Correa is characterized this year -as in the previous but now more intensily- by the persecution of anyone who raises an opinion contrary to its management. When the main mass media is at the service of the dominant political project and is related to a single guideline, plurality disappears as well as the possibilities of exercising critique, these are key components of all order based on respect for public and individual freedoms, the balance between society and the State and the cooperation between the Powers Ball, Must have open mechanisms of collective deliberation and decision, so that solving the problems is a matter of public opinion, it is more difficult for people to pursue their individual self-interest.


Elcano48 The reality of Venezuelan Socialism. During his government, there has been a great public investment for infrastructure, roads, security and social dietwrich.

Perfiles Latinoamericanos16 31 Morales, being elected president, but before assuming as the first Bolivian president, made a tour of different countries that garnered great media attention. The Government has compiled a list of To the defeat of Correa in the local elections in Ecuador inwe can add the fall of kirchnerismo in Argentina and the chavism in the past elections of Venezuelan legislative in Monedero argues in a similar way, that the socialism of the XX century, quite the contrary was deeply statist, it was capitalist in regard to the exploitation and alienation of workers and productivity, colonial, predator of nature, based on a simple idea of progress.

National Differences in economic policy.

I do not think so. However, in the last four years, in some countries where the socialism of the XXI Century has been implemented, the civilian population has been demonstrating against this type of regime.

The construction of a revolutionary and leading democracy, understood as the one that transforms the weakness of the individual in collective force. The Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States is investigating cases of political discrimination in Venezuela. For Ball, this issue had serious repercussions since. The reforms undertaken by referring to the ideology of XXI century socialism in these countries were characterized by an intensification of the process of transformation of the state structure and the relations between the state and society, continuing with the nationalization of sectors of the economy, the centralizing of the political apparatus of State administration.

For Ball, this issue had serious repercussions since it led to the imposition of an ideology which means a single thought and set a serious precedent that acts as a factor of intimidation to the whole private media information of Venezuela and leads to a state of rigid journal control of the social communication, with the consequences that derive from such action Ball,p In the economic sphere we can see that despite the fact that more than a trillion dollars coming into Venezuela, by concept of oil revenues, during the past 14 years, the failure of the Venezuelan economic system is reflected in the shortages of basic commodities, and in the inability of the population to meet their primary needs, the shortage of basic consumer goods such as the toilet paper is one of the most grotesque example.

The creation of a new socialist ethic supported by humanist schools of thought of socialism and the nationalists of Simon Bolivar. Populism on the family Kirchner. The first, because beyond the progressivism, the Kirchnerist model was deeply peronist, capable of combining political courage and a traditional organizational legacy, which reveals a pragmatic conception of social change and the construction of hegemony, based on the classic model of social participation under state control and the figure of the leader.

Heinz Dieterich Steffan, Tres criterios para definir una economía socialista – PhilArchive

Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Conceptual differences between socialism and socialism of the XXI century. The Venezuelan journalist Carlos Ball president of the Center for the dissemination of the Knowledge Economy for Freedom Cedice Freedom considers that in a democratic society the existence of private media, apart from political and economic power is essential.


That is to say, interaction of the public according to the rules of the programs or television channels. Similarly, Kirchner retained the emergency powers delegated to the Executive by the Congress during the crisis ofand in the Congress granted a xxi discretionary power to modify the budget after its legislative approval.

Las complejidades de la izquierda radical latinoamericana en el poder: Services on Demand Article.

In each of these countries, in each one of the crisis faced by those Governments, the leading role has been of the private media, acting so brutal skglo overwhelmingly against the governments which have benefited from its successes and with broad government popular support. Oppenheimer, Disrespect to the private property: With regard to the election and with the emergence of the TDA, the supply of public channels increased with guidelines and thematic profiles that offer complementary contents such as tourism, cinema or science, among others.

The dominant position of the group, was broadly made possible by the good relationship between the holding company and the government of the day.

The aim of this article is to present an analysis of the political ideology called socialism of the XXI century and its implementation in Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Disregard of the rights of minorities The Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States is investigating cases of political discrimination in Venezuela. The latest defeat, which was unthinkable until a few months ago, suffered by Evo Morales sociwlismo had the purpose of extending its mandate, seems to confirm the theory of the beginning of the end of the twenty-first century socialism in Latin America, which had a very short period of time, 17 years approximately.

Dieterich, Heinz 1943-

With regard to the internal economic policy, it has promoted the formation of public enterprises as well as the re-nationalisation of certain strategic sectors of the economy. Similarly, all workers of the state petroleum corporation PDVSA that were part of the oil strikes against Chavez were dismissed.

In this sense, this is the interactivity as a kind of feedback Sel, The legislative and judicial systems have also been founded under the socialismp of the president of the Bolivarian Republic and the followers of his revolution. Finally, the article focuses its attention on reviewing the aspects where it is considered that this model has failed by using some analysis factors as reference such as corruption, the violation of the freedom of expression, the disrespect of private property and the disregard of the rights of political minorities.