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15″ Woofer, W, 97dB, 41Hz. Import in WinISD and Hornresp. Find similar speaker drivers. Eminence Alpha speaker for open baffle, sealed and ported speaker cabinets. The Eminence Alpha 15A is a 15 inch 8 ohm speaker that works nice as a. Overview. The Eminence AlphaA 15″ speaker is ideal for two-way sound reinforcement systems, keyboard, and guitar combos. For all bass applications.

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The music really is fantastic.

Eminence – Alpha-15A – 15″ Driver

The Eminence AlphaA 15″ speaker is ideal for two-way sound reinforcement systems, keyboard, and guitar combos. We ship to the contiguous 48 states. Hi matevana amd all Audio Circle members. To alphs a speaker without scratching or marking it will require getting into the speaker cabinet and listening to it play without actually mounting it with screws.

We will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damage due to defective or improper use of products. My current drawings have the Visaton about 1″ back from the Alphas.

King has done some excellent work with the AlphaA see links at bottom of page and found it to be a well performing open baffle woofer that can produce excellent bass output down to about 40 Hz.

I do not own them any more however Apha can be done by tilting the cabinet back and setting the speaker in place.

I built some almost identical We do not refund products deemed defective as a result of mishandling or misuse. Goldwood GW – 18″ Woofer. Figure 1 shows the frequency and impedance response from the Eminence AlphaA woofer datasheet. Eminencd AlphaA voice coil diameter is 38 mm 1.


Kind of hard to drive but – a wee Virtue Audio 2. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

This is, of course, not an optimal way to listen to a speaker, but will give you the opportunity to identify major response problems or poor tonal characteristics prior emminence mounting. Created 27 February You will receive a shipment confirmation email from eBay once we have shipped your order.

Insure the package for the value of the product. Fees imposed to us by our supplier to replace packaging, hardware, or printed materials are deducted from the refund amount. Alphw open baffle speaker systems shown in the photographs were constructed by Keith Chappel of KickWood Audio. We may require images of product damages, emindnce box, outer shipping carton, and shipping label.

I was running mine active. USPS orders are shipped the following business day. Considering their size and the size of my apartment — the OBs don’t feel large or overbearing. Rudolf Logged Print Pages: Hello, I’ve started to plan a new set-up that uses some of the comments above and a few ideas others are working with alphx well. I am running these with my old Eico HF The official Eminence AlphaA datasheet is in the links below.

Figure 2 shows the superimposed impedance response of the measured pair of Eminence AlphaA woofers.

Project 9 : Eminence Alpha 15A Experimental Open Baffle Design

Thank you for your business and we are happy to serve you as our valued customer. I absoutely love the way your setup looks! I’m thinking i may try a H-frame on the two 15s in the next couple weeks. I was wondering what type of material you made your baffle out of? Write the RA clearly on the outside of the outer carton. You may need to measure it acoustically.


If you did actually 155a to design a crossover for it, do you have a program that helps determine the values that are used in the crossover? In Photograph 5 the AlphaA woofer is used with a circular H-frame open baffle speaker coupled with a Audio Nirvana Classic 5 fullrange driver.

Refunds will be made to your PayPal account only. On the streets pets live only two years average. Going with the H-Frame allowed me to shrink the size of the baffle enough that the overall footprint of mine is only 16″X17″. Logged matevana Full Member Posts: Do you have any guidelines or measurements that you will use when building your H frame?

Rudolf Full Member Posts: I’m quite sure you don’t crossover above Hz.

I went to this setup a year ago and never looked back! Some products are warranted through the manufacturer and may require return shipment, postage paid, directly to the manufacturer.