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The 27th Status Report on EPIRA implementation covers the period May . Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), Republic Act No. An Act Ordaining Reforms in the Electric Power Industry, Amending for the purpose certain laws /. ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY REFORM ACT OF Project Management Consultancy of the Philippine WESM, and (2) Procurement and Installation of.

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Highlights on the Implementation of RA No. , EPIRA of | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

In case the rate setting methodology used is RORB, it shall be subject to the following guidelines:. Before that law, the government-owned National Power Corporation NPC was the single-biggest debtor agency and the single-biggest deficit generator, fiscally bleeding the taxpayers while providing philippimes power supply. To ensure compliance with this Act, the penalty of prision correccional or a fine ranging from Five thousand pesos P5, In the grouping of the generating assets of NPC, the following criteria shall be considered:.

The price determination methodology contained in said rules shall be subject to the approval of ERC. Fast expansion in power generation means fast expansion in power consumption and electricity prices are more affordable so the people use more electricity. Such education shall include, but not limited to, the existence of competitive electricity suppliers, choice of competitive electricity services, regulated transmission and distribution services, systems reliability, aggregation, market, itemized billing, stranded cost, uniform disclosure requirements, low-income bill payment, philippiness conservation and safety measures.

The Power Commission shall be assisted by a secretariat to be composed of personnel who may be seconded from the Senate and the House of Representatives and may retain consultants. Inter-grid and intra-grid cross subsidies for both the transmission and the generation rates shall be removed in accordance with this Act.

Historical Background

But it can only be as effective as how well we enforce it to ensure sufficient competition in the industry, and how well we ensure that we have adequate power supplies, regular and reserve philippnies. The rates of NPC shall be unbundled between transmission and generation rates and the rates shall reflect the respective costs of providing each service.

Provided, That the duration for such recovery shall not be shorter than fifteen 15 years nor longer than twenty-five 25 years. Provided, That for the first appointees, the Chairman shall hold office for seven 7 years, two 2 members shall hold office for five 5 years and the other two 2 members shall hold office for three 3 years: In the event a divestment is required, the ERC shall allow the affected party sufficient time to remedy the infraction or for an orderly disposal, but shall in no case exceed twelve 12 months from the issuance of the order; g In the public interest, establish and enforce a methodology for setting transmission and distribution wheeling rates and retail rates for the captive market of a distribution utility, taking into account all relevant considerations, including the efficiency or inefficiency of the regulated entities.


Highlights on the Implementation of RA No. 9136, EPIRA of 2001

The missionary electrification function shall be funded from the revenues from sales in missionary areas and from the universal charge to be collected from all electricity end-users as determined by the ERC. In case of disagreement in valuation, procedures, ownership participation philippines other issues, the ERC shall resolve such issues. Areas which a franchised distribution utility cannot or does not find viable may be transferred to another distribution utility, if any is available, who will provide the service, subject to approval by ERC.

Upon the effectivity of this Act, philipplnes new generation company shall, before it operates, secure from the Energy Regulatory Commission a certificate of compliance pursuant to the standards set forth in this Act, as well as health, safety and environmental clearances from the appropriate government agencies under existing laws.

For existing companies, such public offering shall be implemented not later than five 5 years from the effectivity of this Act. The Board phiippines be composed of a Chairman and six 6 members.

Provided, however, That the other provinces, cities, municipalities, or regions shall not be deprived of their energy requirements; o Encourage private enterprises engaged in energy projects, including corporations, cooperatives, and similar collective organizations, to broaden the base of their ownership and thereby encourage the widest public ownership of energy-oriented corporations; p Formulate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement the objectives of this Act; and q Exercise such other powers as may be necessary or incidental to attain the objectives of this Act.

But in dire straits, such as in the post-Yolanda period, even the most expensive last-priority offer ended up being dispatched, leading to the incredible price hike. The TRANSCO shall assume the authority and responsibility of NPC for the planning, construction and centralized operation and maintenance of its high voltage transmission facilities, including grid interconnections and ancillary services. Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys.

On the other hand, TransCo was created to take over the electric transmission function of NPC and the responsibility for planning construction and centralized operation and maintenance of high voltage transmission facilities including grid interconnections and ancillary services.

Apo Geothermal ,aw, shall be reviewed by the ERC and the terms thereof amended to remove any hidden costs or extraordinary mark-ups in the cost of power or steam above their true costs. Other mitigating measures which are elira known and generally accepted within the electric power industry shall be utilized. For this purpose, any person or entity which shall engage in the supply of electricity to the contestable market shall not be required to secure a local or national franchise.


Provided, That such limitation on the recovery of generation component costs by a distribution utility shall apply only to the equivalent quality and quantity of electricity still available to the distribution utility from NPC. Provided, That such charge shall be filed with and approved lad the ERC.

Any case which involves question of fact shall be appealable to the Court of Appeals and those which involve question of law pihlippines be directly appealable to the Supreme Court. Shortcut for FAQ page. Provided, That the Department shall endeavor to provide for an environment conducive to free and active private sector participation and investment in all energy activities.

Powers and Functions of the DOE. Upon finding that a market epiea has engaged in such act or behavior, the ERC shall stop and redress the same.

Epira is in fact working.

The wholesale electricity spot market shall be epiira by a market operator in accordance with the wholesale electricity spot market rules. Any law to the contrary notwithstanding, philippones of electricity to the contestable market shall not be considered a public utility operation. Significant capacity additions occurred only in with Said fund shall be managed by NPC under existing arrangements; and e A charge to account for all forms of cross-subsidies for a period not exceeding three 3 years.

The flaw in the system was that gencos that did not want to dispatch power could artificially jack up their prices to the WESM-allowable maximum, so their electricity would be the last priority philippinees dispatch. Distribution utilities may exercise the power of eminent domain subject to the requirements of the constitution and existing laws. Retail Competition and Open Access.

Press esc, or click the close the button to close this dialog box. Any ,aw or self-generating entity not connected to a distribution utility shall remit its corresponding universal charge directly to the TRANSCO.

Provided, That in no case shall the rate be upgraded more than once a year. Shortcut for site pholippines footer agency section of the page. The presence of at least three 3 members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum and the majority vote of two 2 members in a meeting where a quorum is present shall be necessary for the adoption of any rule, ruling, order, resolution, decision or other act of the Commission in the exercise of its quasi-judicial functions: The national government shall, in exchange for the equivalent amount of the equity of NPC, directly assume a portion of the financial obligations of NPC in an amount not to exceed Two Hundred Billion Pesos P,,