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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Short-listed for the Lambda Literary Prize for Gay Romance Available from Amazon Also in bookshops! , England David. Buy a cheap copy of Transgressions: An M/M Romance book by Erastes. , England: David Caverly’s strict father has brought home the quiet, puritanical.

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Despite the depth of their youthful love, they are torn apart as a result of both external factors and their own character flaws, with David running away to join the King’s army, while Jon later signs up for Cromwell’s Roundheads.

Now that we know better we can all relax. The thought restored a little of his hospitality. I struggled with this book for various reasons, none of them the fault of the author, really and must conclude that it is just not my cup of tea.

David noted that he was biting his bottom lip as if keeping himself in check. Junction X, Transgressions, Frost Fair and Hard and Fast are currently out of printbut should be available as soon as I relocate them.

He shirks his work as much as possible, spending transgrsssions days transgresions by the river, dreaming of joining the King’s men and fighting in the war. Although they think of each other occasionally and fondly throughout the story, page for page, it doesn’t seem like they got nearly the amount of time together that they did when they were apart and in their own respective relationships with others.

He had all day, and the warmth of the sun on his body gave him no inclination to move. I think that’s unfortunate because even though I was Team Tobias for most of the story, David and Jonathan’s relationship was a lovely thing. As I said at the beginning, Transgressions has it all: On my first reading, it seemed this might have been a convenient way for David to learn “the ropes. I had really hoped for a longer reunion because it was pretty brief compared to all of their separate experiences that were so meticulously fleshed out.


With the exception of one brief scene, they do Although I rated this book a 3, I would say that it’s actually more of a 3.


Masterfully written as usual, and a very inspirational topic. He slapped transgressinos silken rumps a little too hard in unjust punishment for the work they were making him do, tugging at their teats and growling in annoyance when he paid the price for it, losing a whole bucket of milk to an angry kick.

As opposed to Jonathan, who shares the connection with every profound emotion but there is also a fear instilled in him by his religion and simply by the person that he is. Nov 23, Kim rated it liked it.

As usual Erastes has chosen transgressioms powerful atmosphere and setting in the English Civil War sbetween the forces of Parliament and the Royalists; more specifically, between Oliver Cromwell and Charles I. Eraste meet, fall in love, have sex, all that good stuff, and then part ways a little over pages in. Fans of 17th century history. I liked it, but at the same time felt distracted by the differing directions.

Erastes transgressions

Great book, really liked the juxtaposition and irony of trandgressions finders, all wrapped up in their religious fervour, searching for witches, don’t exist but they think they do and naturally gay men, do exist but they think they don’t. Erastes transgressions File size: This [unintelligible scribble] reminds me of Shadow Spinner’s interpretation of Nights — when? She drew her inspiration to write transggessions fiction from works such as Gaywyck by Vincent Virga and the novels of Mary Renault.

The newcomer was gransgressions tall youth about his own age or possibly a little older. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He is focused on his daily tasks and has little need for anything else. David is supposed to be learning the trade from his father as well as helping to tend the farm. Gay male romance novels”. It all comes back to that annoying fear of desire.


Jonathan is a Puritan, a hard worker, devout, eager to learn and respectful to those around him. I enjoyed the beginning; the pacing was well done, good character development, and a sweet romance was initiated.

Erastes is the pen name of a female author from the United Kingdom, known for writing Transgrsesions.

Retrieved from ” https: The shifts in point of view worked well most of the time, but there was some occasional head hopping. Unfortunately, I read this while on a trip to Yosemite: And if David and Jonathan was back together. That was his brother; Stephen.

Transgressions by Erastes

This is the first time I’ve read an Erastes book, although I have read blurbs, and xe always strike me as a very complex author. The fluidity of the story telling can be improved if the transitions between characters were not from page to page. As I followed these two leading men through the years of their lives I got a fabulous background of war torn England, of fanatical Witchfinders executing women for practicing witchcraft and worshipping the devil.

My first ever romance so of course I got for a gay one. Preview — Transgressions by Erastes. The reader would be in one character’s head for a while, then would swap between two characters’ POV for a paragraph or so, before settling back down into one character’s head.

This is a much longer work than most of Erastes’ books, and it does move along rather slowly in the beginning, as her books do. He liked being alone. With the exception of one brief scene, they don’t see each other again for a good pages.