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ORDER. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION. National Policy. Effective Date: 09/13/ SUBJ. 8/1/ CHG 1. UNCONTROLLED COPY WHEN DOWNLOADED. Check with FSIMS to verify current version before using. VOLUME 10 SAFETY. Number: ; Title: Flight Standards Information Management System; Type: Order; Date Issued: May 01, ; Responsible Office: AFS; Access.

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Part Heightened Surveillance List. Additionally, if passengers or property are carried for compensation or hire, the aircraft must be certificated to allow for those types of operations. Low Visibility Taxi Operations.

Change 2 to Cabin Safety and Flight Attendant Training. Proving and Validation Tests. During the Document Compliance Phase of the accreditation process, applicant documents are reviewed for acceptance.

Aircraft Dispatcher Training and Qualification Programs. Certification of a Part Training Center. Change 95 to Change 17 to Change 30 to Informal meetings may include teleconference or meeting in person.


An initial acceptance should not continue for an extended period of time. Change 33 to CHG to Emergency Evacuation and Ditching Demonstrations. Faw Application Meeting 1.

Upon receipt of a formal application package, the Accreditation Team must initially review it and make a determination of its acceptability. A maximum turn angle that does not exceed 65 degrees has been found to be satisfactory.

Aviation Weather Regulatory Requirements. Evaluate General Maintenance Manuals.

This aircraft has received no major changes or alterations after the flight demonstration date. Part External Load Operations.


Change 15 to Flight Attendant Training and Qualification Programs. Change 93 to AFS will review the personnel change within 10 days and notify the accredited organization of its approval or disapproval for accreditation purposes.

The following are examples of typical submissions from applicants during the document compliance phase. Change 11 to Included within these two purposes were four areas that needed examination as part of the process.


Change 97 to Change 55 to Issue or Renew a Certificate of Waiver. Change 52 to After initial 89001., revisions or amendments to these documents may also be submitted for acceptance.

Flight Standards Information System (FSIMS)

We appreciate the cooperation you have extended to the FAA in the past and look 890.1 to continue working with you and your entire team in assuring aviation safety. All race aircraft must be designed to acceptable structural design criteria to meet the limiting load factors as specified by the appropriate race class.

Change 92 to Determine if a Waiver is Required. The accreditation process is a series of steps outlined in five phases: