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fereydoun Moshiri,iranian poet فریدون مشیری. Persian Poetry, Poetry Quotes, Poems, Poetry, Poem. Fati R · Feelings (Quotes, Photos, Paintings and. I began my grad program last week, and was asked to translate a poem. I asked my mother for “The Alley” – Fereydoon Moshiri. On a moonlit. Fereydoon Moshiri was one of the prominent contemporary Persian poets who wrote poems in both modern and classic styles of the Persian poem. A selection.

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Moshiri is best known as conciliator of classical Persian poetry opems one side with the New Poetry initiated by Nima Yooshij at the other side.

Fereydoon Moshiri

Bird sings so that rock is not alone, Sun strives to make amber from the stone! We, and everyone alike, Full of music, Free of bonds, Emancipated, Fortunate The way Moshiri was taken is the final objective of the originators of the Free Style and poetry. We sow love like seeds in soil. Suddenly, tears well up in my eyes I choke in my burning chest, ah! This site uses cookies. In the shadow land of this vast cerulean tent, It would have been fair, If trees, land, water or sunshine, Did not belong to anyone!

This bright breeze pours out of earth’s heart And blows on all. Throughout these years his first poems appeared in progressive journals such as Iran-e-Ma. Soundwaves of music of growth!

Moshiri had been suffering from leukaemia and renal failure for five years and died in “Tehran Clinic” hospital on October 24, at the age of Ina collection of his poems was under ” Abr ” Cloud published, which was later reprinted for several times under the title ” Abr-o Koocheh ” Cloud and The Alley as a request by his publisher.


I remembered the warning that you gave: Those nights and other nights, too, have passed in utter darkness. From your side I cannot leave, I cannot.

کدام غبار؟ – فریدون مشیری – Which Dust? by Fereydoon Moshiri

May Mosgiri be allowed, To behold the hue of that fresh blossom As I stand at the base of this wall? I omshiri my grad program last week, and was asked to translate a poem.

Earth’s heart beats to the same tune as Time. Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. So that grass may sing refreshed, river cries. Moshiri is best known as conciliator of classical Persian poetry at one side with the New Poetry initiated by Nima Yooshij at the other side.

O the mild wind who are passing by!

O, your sorrow, the companion of my life’s best hours! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Life is blossoming of the buds. Soil toils to let seeds sprout! In the violet garden of your eyes I have trailed through paradise, I have reached the best of spring times.

And each tree becomes a garden of flowers. Lucie August 24, 5: Moein and Ibrahim Pourdavoud. On a moonlit night, without you, I passed through that alley once again. To turn sap into rosewater, water tries! From atop the aspen trees, dawn was returning. Reflections of Man’s feeling towards his life and death, love and destiny, social environment and the whole universe have been the main theme for the selected poems of Bahar ra baavar kon Believe The Spring published in Still, I said that you are the hunter, I the deer seeking to be captured by you, to surrender to you.


Persian Samples 11

I think the fresh essence of his works will remain unique for years to come. Iranian poets Persian-language poets People from Tehran births deaths Burials at artist’s block of Behesht-e Zahra 20th-century poets Iranian male poets 20th-century male writers Deaths from cancer in Iran Deaths from leukemia.

From the realm of sea With maternal love Rushed to sandy shores, Water. Notify me of new posts via email. Two years later, this book revised with some new added poems and published under a new title: Hearts, abundant with joy of living, Faces, fresh as gardens of miniature roses, Eyes, teeming with love!

Noor May 30, 8: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At the feeeydoon stage, he ends his work by raising a question. That to kill herself, Time and time again Hit her head against Rock and stone and sand, Water. Nature’s musicians freely lay fereyfoon this wide-open grass, Making music in Dastan and Nava’ modes.

All day, All night, All week, All month, In my chambers, in the alley, on the road, In air, trees, grass, water, soil In the entangled lines of a book In the azure realm of sleep! Retrieved from ” https: I did not startle, did not flee. Some of his other published works are as follows:.