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Fouad Laroui was born in in Oujda, Morocco. He holds degrees in mathematics, physics and civil engineering (École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. Visit ‘s Fouad Laroui Page and shop for all Fouad Laroui books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Fouad Laroui. Read more about The Curious Case Of Dassoukine’s Trousers and other books by Fouad Laroui.

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But, as Elisabeth Bennet remarked in Pride and Prejudice: I know it is ridiculous but, for some reason, I wish to see all the Vermeers of the world at least once in my lifetime. New York Rights Fair. Because the First World laroi listens to fire.

An Interview with Fouad Laroui – Words Without Borders

I kept reading a lot—novels, biographies, philosophical treaties. It is because Fojad is indeed a complete stranger in the streets of Utrecht that he can experience the total lucidity you acquire when nothing makes sense.

What does it mean to live in a virtual world and what are the consequences for people’s identities? Are we too tolerant or not tolerant enough?

Fouad Laroui

Why does he make himself a foreigner? Hanaan as-Sjaikh grew up in Lebanon and now lives in London.

The Larouj Books of The traditional Islamic organisations seem to provide a refuge: The question seemed as simple as far-reaching: How could he keep on feeling superior to black people?

Each of them presents a recommendation to state and citizens, about how to deal with risks and fear. In its compartmentalized society the Netherlands knew a set of unwritten and written rules to make living in harmony possible.


During the discussion the participants, together larouk three students of ISS and the audience, formulated three ‘commandments’ to deal with language in future multicultural society in the Netherlands.

Once, I lraoui met an econometrist name withheld who had never heard of Keynes! To subscribe, click here. As Barthes would say, the real author of the book is its reader. How can you envisage studying anything but mathematics? Available for download now. When I left Morocco, innobody in my family or among my friends could understand why I did that.

Books by Fouad Laroui and Complete Book Reviews

To foiad at last your question: But one telephone call is enough to make him return at once. It was always interesting and stimulating. I want to say something fojad a given subject say, Islamismtherefore I build a logical argumentation on a piece of paper and then I put some flesh on it. Though you have been based primarily in Europe since, much of your writing is about Morocco or Moroccans living elsewhere.

How tolerant are the Fouaf, and how tolerant should they be in allowing the use of other languages from Dutch? The second in a series of three panel discussions on the future of a multicultural Dutch society. In her lecture it is clear from the outset that in the new text the original rules of the declaration are not quite recognizable.

Can you speak a bit about your use of humor and satire to both reveal and respond to the absurd?


Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. As a writer, economist, and teacher, what do you feel are the most effective methods for challenging paroui and creating pathways for understanding across barriers, particularly those related to nationality, language, race, religion, etc.? And a like or a retweet is the reward. Three authors migrating in their books.

Is there such a thing as middle ground when lovers come from such different worlds as the Jewish and Islamic spheres?

This afternoon, eight writers read their favorite fragments from world literature with the theme of the taboo. Arabic novels foua being read more and more in The Netherlands.

Similar authors to follow

Has your experience with engineering and your work as an economist influenced laeoui content or aesthetic of your writing? Not only do celebrities have a stage to sparkle on, all those with a blog, Facebook or Twitter account can create their own little kingdom and think themselves a poet, a writer, a political expert or an expert on the environment.

Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world. Rules are something for the First World. Colored arrows show the relationships between the characters. In The Netherlands languages are spoken.

It is jointly organized by the Institute of Social Studies and Winternachten.