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: Fingerstyle Funk [VHS]: Francis Rocco Prestia, Alexis At last, bass players around the world are allowed a rare, in-depth look into the style . a ton of money learning what would otherwise require dozens of private lessons. Francis Rocco Prestia tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including fingerstyle funk. A very special chance to not only witness the talents of this superb bass guitarist, but also to recieve a thirty-minute intimate lesson with the man himself. Joined.

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I came up that way.

Bass Lines You Should Know – What is Hip by Tower of Power

Includes a play-along CD with an all-star rhythm section and isolated bass parts, so players can listen to Ron play the sample written lines, practice them with the CD, then create their own lines with the guitar, piano and drums backing them up.

Rocco Prestia plays Conklin basses. Prextia, and then the second one was produced by Steve Cropper. Was Everybody On The Bus your first solo album?

A big little barn. Terry took a look at us individually and collectively. That would be great! They were pretty lean times for the band. Being able to create a style and be in an organization for so long gives the opportunity. TC Electronic RS 4x I had a deal with Eden, and I had a deal wi He was a year ahead of me.


Francis Rocco Prestia – Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lesson – Free Download PDF

Previous Interview Dec 17 Reid Anderson. Listed on his official website. Which is fine, too. Rocco Prestia’s gear is on Equipboard.

Advanced Bass Master Class Genre: And we love it! Well, Emilio and I went to school together, from junior high on. How old were you when you started playing bass? Any number of things could set it up — a change or a dynamic, whatever.

It can cause you to mess up sometimes, but so what? Is your bass custom-made? A lot of changes went on. And then we went to high school together. But the Chuck Raineys and Jamersons and the guys on the Philly stuff were influences.

Do you remember a group called the Spiders with a singer named Trudy Johnson? That old soul stuff is where I come from. Hall, this little union hall.

We all enjoy playing music together.

How about Doc Stephen Kupka? This video features split-screen closeups of both the right and left hand so there is never any question as to what is being done.


I went down and got a bass and that was that. Usually that would spell failure for a band because the audience identifies with the singer.

Was he one of the original guys too? When you switched to bass, did you adapt to it quickly? How many Tower albums were you on before you left the band?

Who are some of your favorite bass players? November 1, Run Time: Every city seemed to have its own sound. It was the leszon of music we wanted to play and, to accomplish that, we needed horn players.

Francis Rocco Prestia – Fingerstyle Funk (Bass Lesson)

Listed on his official website more. I do better with collaboration. That was the band. Interview — Rocco Prestia. They played high school dances and I. I play the way I feel. What does it mean? You should go for it and have some fun.